How to Find and Buy Furniture on Craigslist Furniture

By on November 25, 2013 in Furniture with 0 Comments is one of the most popular resources to purchase furniture, as anyone who lives in a metropolitan knows. From an apartment, to a job  there is almost nothing you cannot find on Craigslist, as the user-friendly classified website. For those looking to furnish a new home or add a few new attractive touches to an existing scheme, Craigslist is a great marketplace.

Buying used furniture on Craigslist

Buying used furniture on Craigslist

Instructions to Find and Buy Furniture on Craigslist Furniture

  1. First of all,it is advisable to visit the  then, select your city’s classified section.
  2. Click on either the “furniture” or “free” link, below the “for sale” heading. In the “free section”, you may find that the quality of some items listed to be substandard. However, this is a great way to find items that people are trying to purge form their basement, if your budget is restricted.
  3. Create the search criteria. For example, interchange keywords such as “sofa”, “futon”, and “couch” for the most direct results, if you are looking for a sofa. Search the name of your neighborhood and see what comes up, if you want to pick up from a seller nearby and do not have a moving van at your disposal. For example, you can type “Lincoln Park” into the search box. You can indicate a maximum or minimum price in the “price” search box, if you know exactly how much you can afford and are working to  a budget.
  4. Choose carefully. Do not bother looking at posts without photos, unless an item’s description is unusually descriptive or you are feeling brave. Before purchasing, it is always best to ask the seller questions about the item’s quality, even the posts with picture can be deceptive. It is difficult to detect even general wear and tear just looking at  the photo.
  5. Always contact the sellers. “The early bird really does catch the worm” on Craigslist. Do not hesitate to call or email the seller right away, if you see a particularly attractive item. When contacting 10 posts, it’s  possible  only six  may return your message, three still have the bed available, and only one bed might be in good condition.
  6. If you are genuinely interested in an item, make a commitment to the seller. In order to view the furniture, arrange a time and place with the seller, and follow through with the appointment. If it was predetermined in the posting, respect the seller’s rate, but still feel free to bargain.
  7. Purchase the furniture. Craigslist interactions are commonly pleasant and brief. And then, meet the seller through the appointment you made before. Before purchasing, ask as many questions as you need. Once you see the furniture, make sure the seller’s price matches the quality of the item. Bring cash along with you to make the transaction sweet and short. In order to help haul the furniture away, prepare a moving van or a strong friend.
Finding furniture on Craigslist

Finding furniture on Craigslist

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