How The Ultimate Basement Finishing Can Make Your Home

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Basements are traditional used for storage, however many homes utilize them as man caves, an entertaining area, an extra bedroom, a teenagers retreat, or even a theater room. Whatever your planning to use the room for, quality basement finishing is important.

Basement finishing can be done in three different ways, hiring a contractor to do the work and who will most likely charge anything from $30,000 to over $70,000, a basement finishing system will set you back from $ 30,000 to $ 60,000, whereas a Do-It-Yourself finishing of a basement may cost around $30,00 depending on how much you wish to put into the project.

planning basement finishing

Basement finishing budget, planning, and permits

With any home renovation project, it’s important to work out your budget. Make sure that you have accurate measurements for the materials that you will be using. Have a set plan drawn up so that it is there as a referral if necessary. Always remember to measure twice and cut once! Go and see your local council to ensure that the appropriate permits are obtained.

Building codes can require some form of egress in case of a fire or emergency, no matter what the basement is used for. One option is to install windows high up to not only allow natural light but as a means of an exit if necessary.

Get a plumbing subcontractor in

There will be plumbing required, hiring the services of a licensed plumber is smart.  In the long run, it will save you time and hassle, with leaks and dampness.  Moisture may also be a problem when finishing a basement.  Moisture develops from condensation and seepage so it is essential to address the problem at the beginning of the project.

Divert any existing down pipes away from the exterior wall of the basement. Seal the outside wall with a masonry waterproof product. To be doubly sure it may be expedient to also waterproof the interior walls.

Get the right basement flooring

Having the appropriate flooring to suit the room is essential. Always be mindful of the practicalities of the floor for cleaning purposes. If the original floor is concrete, try laying a floating timber floor.  Or even just polishing the concrete can give it a great finish.

Laying a floating timber floor is a simple and inexpensive way to go. The use of cork helps with keeping noise levels to a minimum. With a home theater set up, a different type of flooring may be better.  As an example a wall-to-wall carpet or a large rug. Keep in mind possible dampness in the room, carpet may not be suitable.

Get the basement finishing temperature right

Another consideration when finishing a basement is heating as it’s quite possibly the coldest room in the house.  Basements need warmth, so insulate it from the inside by adding extruded foam insulation on the walls and insulate the ceiling which will also help soundproof the room.

If the furnace is large enough, then diverting warm air by adding extra vents to the existing ductwork works well. Another alternative, although a more expensive heating solution would be to use electric heaters.

Getting an Electrician in

Lightening can be the most expensive item in finishing a basement. It is important to get a qualified electrical tradesman to do the work required. Doing the work yourself is not only dangerous but against all regulations. For subdued lighting, the addition of a dimmer switch would be ideal.

To have a brighter room than fluorescent lights would be practical. However, be careful of installing low-hanging light fixtures and fans.  Plan enough power outlets installed to cover any electrical equipment that may be used. Mirrors and strip lighting around the ceiling will lighten up the basement.

complete basement finishing

The final touch to finishing a basement is the painting of the room.  Basements tend to have little or no natural light, try selecting light-colored paints to lighten up space.  Make sure you paint the ceiling white.

As we mentioned before, basements tend to weep with moisture.  Using a basement flexible primer like a glossy light-colored paint from Zinnsser’s is ideal.

Once it’s all done, take a step back and look at the furniture you want in there.  You can buy cheap furniture online that will set the basement up for whatever purpose you want.

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