Sears Home Repair Phone Number

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Instead of posting on a forum or complaining to sales staff, who are rarely in a position to remedy the problem, most retailers like Sears prefer you contact them directly. Sears Home Repair Phone Number is there for that exact reason of having a problem with a product, customer service or have something that requires repairing.

Sears Home Repair Phone Number

Sears has several options for people that want to contact the company in an effort to get in touch with them.  They actually like to give out the home repair phone number, to try and fix an issue.

What to do with the Sears Home Repair Phone Number

  • The nature of your complaint should be determined first – To get directed to the right person, you will need a one-sentence summary.
  • Be prepared to calmly and clearly introduce the issue instead of detailing the entire story. For instance, try “a repair person has failed to show up for an appointment on multiple occasions”.
  • You need to have a desired outcome in mind such as a monetary compensation or a confirmed repair appointment when you call Sears home repair phone number.

If the operators understand your needs, and you’re calm and courteous, they are more likely to direct you to the right place. On the other hand, sending an e-mail or letter, instead of calling, if you are simply upset and want to vent your frustration may be more effective for you.

You will have a paper trail ensuring that it reached as many people as possible and you may be able to make your points more clearly. Furthermore, ask to be directed to Sears Corporate Advocate and Customer Complaint Department when speaking with an operator, or just call them directly at 1-800-795-5030.

Or you can  ask for the routing department for service issues by dialing Sears home repair phone number, which is 1-888-507-9312 for service and 1-800-827-6655 for warranty information.

Complain to Sears Executive Team

Do you have a problem with a Sear’s Product

If you are having a problem with a Sears’s product, make sure you keep detailed notes! Make sure you can explain the exact issue and provide the date of purchase and the date the problem began if possible.

You should also have product information available, “a Kenmore washing machine in the 600 series” for instance, not “a washing machine from sears”.

A more solid case is helped to make for your complaint this way.

I have a Service Issue

For service issues, the same rule is applied; an employee name, store location, date and time and accurate report of the incident if need be, which will make it easier for a manager to confront the employee. Because this can be vague, it should be avoided to try relying only on physical descriptions.

Like many retailers, Sears has relatively frequent turnover for employees, so the odds that your problem will be appropriately dealt with will have increased by calling quickly and with as much detail as possible.

Sears Parts and Repair Shop


E-mail or call the customer service. However, the customer service phone line may send you to a recording after business hours if you plan to call. Or you can use the Sears website to reach the appropriate department once you have your summary and notes.

For concerns, feedback and question on different topics, you will be given numeric options. Use that menu to reach an operator, or these are the numbers if you cannot access the website:

Sears Parts and Repair center

Just remember for some serious Sears Care

  • order and product inquiries: 1-800-MY-SEARS (1-800-697-3277)
  • Product installation: 1-800-326-8738
  • Retail customer care: 1-800-549-4505
  • Computer repair: 1-800-877-8701
  • Sears home repair phone number: 1-800-469-4663

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