DIY Upcycled Furniture Ideas

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A great way to reuse materials is upcycling. Upcycling can also mean that a way is found to make something not being used into something else. It is a great idea to use several unused items around your home to create unique furniture. There are several DIY upcycled furniture ideas.

DIY Upcycled Furniture Ideas: Wine Barrel Tables

It is quite easy to upcycle an old wine barrel into a stunning table. There are two options to using a wine barrel, to either use it as a  functional side table or to use them as a bar table.

Art of Upcycling 20 DIY Wood Pallet Reuse Project Ideas

Art of Upcycling 20 DIY Wood Pallet Reuse Project Ideas

When making the side table ensure that the barrel is completely empty and dry, before taking a chain saw and cutting it in half.  Then, turn one half of the barrel upside down.  Sanded and coated with a clear varnish, the barrel now is able to be used as a table.

Place a vase, book, or candle on it to make it more attractive. There are some half barrels that are available from selected stores. They are also able to be purchased from a vineyard if there is one in your area.

It is easy to create and perfectly affordable when making a wine barrel bar table.  Using a piece of glass on the top will give another look to the barrel. Objects may be placed under the glass as an added attraction.   You can also use some clear plastic discs that you can find at the local hardware store to easily affix the glass top to the wine barrel.

DIY Upcycled Furniture Ideas Carpathian GardenCarpathian Garden

DIY Upcycled Furniture Ideas Carpathian GardenCarpathian Garden

DIY Upcycled Furniture Ideas: Barstool Desk

A bar stool desk is another item that may be upcycled. Find two bar stools that are not in use, spray paint them in the color of your choice.  While the paint is drying on the bar stools, cut the planks that you are going to use as shelves to the required length. Paint them in either a contrast color or the same color as the bar stools.

For the top of your desk, you can use a 20×48” pine panel. After the painting process, attach the pine panel with a 1 ¾” wood screw into the bar stools. Repeat the process to attach the planks to the shelves.

DIY Upcycled Furniture Ideas: Telephone Bookends

Stylish Salvage Sets Unique Upcycled Furniture Designs

Stylish Salvage Sets Unique Upcycled Furniture Designs

Old forks are an ideal item to make into coat hooks. Spread the prongs, turn up the handle into a u-shape and screw them to a slab of recycled timber with two screws, prong ends on top.

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