How Does Rent To Own Work at Ashley Furniture

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An alternative way for you to purchase items for your homes, such as electronics and furniture is a lease-purchase agreement or a rent-to-own. You may not have the credit or money to pay for items in full at the time of purchase. This type of purchase has both good points and bad points. While some rent-to-own contracts are monthly or bi-weekly, others may be weekly.

Application Process for Rent-to-Own Ashley Furniture

A rental application form will have to be completed at the business that is conducting the rent-to-own transactions. The application asks for basic information such as name, address, phone number, and social security number. Most rent-to-own companies do credit checks, however, a reference presented by the applicant is recommended.

In most cases, employment information will also be asked for when filling out an application form.  Proof of residence and income such as check stubs and utility bills will also be required.

Home Store Rent To Own - Ashley Furniture

Home Store Rent To Own – Ashley Furniture

Down Payment and Delivery of Rent to Own Ashley Furniture

Once your application has been approved, a down payment, the amount determined by the company, may be required.  It may include a waiver fee, delivery fee, or rental fee, which covers theft of the merchandise or damage. It will set up a delivery time. When it is delivered, most rent-to-own companies will put together the merchandise and set up any electronics.

 How Does Rent to Own WorkPayments and Repairs of Rent to Own Ashley Furniture

The company will usually fix any merchandise that breaks through normal wear and tear, for the length of the rent-to-own contract. However, that is not always the case. There will be exceptions, where the renter will be responsible for the repairs.

For example, you should fix or pay, if the damage was not due to normal tear and wear or if you are behind on the rent.,The rental payments have a grace period of about 5 to 7 days. The company will make arrangements to pick up the merchandise or may try to work out a new payment plan if you are later than that on payments.

Ashley Furniture Industries Celebrates 60th Birthday; Sees Rent to

Fees and Cost of Rent to Own Ashley Furniture

Rent-to-own transactions are usually more expensive than buying merchandise outright.  This is because the waiver fees, which are finance fees or service fees are tacked on to the payments. To calculate these, you should add 10 percent of the payment price. Sales tax is commonly charged on the purchase on top of that.

Because of this, rather than spending money on the rent-to-own contract.  Saving up for the item may be a better solution for some people if they don’t need an item right away. However, a rent-to-own purchase may be the best option, if there is an essential item that you need and you do not have the money.

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