How to Add Inexpensive Furniture to your Home Renovation

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In these economically trying times, some homeowners may think it’s beyond their reach to furnish a home if they are working within a budget. However, that is not necessarily the case, as there are many retail outlets that have a myriad of options available for the discerning buyer, as well as other avenues that are worth exploring for inexpensive furniture.

Traditional Vs New way to find Inexpensive furniture

Perhaps you’ve browsed through a magazine and envied the designer style furniture that the ordinary working family has never heard of, furniture that would cost more than you would spend on groceries in a year. You sigh with envy and think that you’d never be able to have something like that.

Don’t worry! where there is a will there is a way. It may take a little research on-line, or a little leg work, but if you feel that you are up to the challenge then there is designer furniture to be found.

Talk to the People you Know

If you know someone in the industry, a designer or sales associate, then tap into that resource as they often get discounts and may be happy to pass that on to you. They might have unwanted sample furniture or a slightly damaged piece that is easily repaired.  Don’t be afraid to ask as the worst they can say is no!

Buy display home furniture

Touring through display homes is an ideal way to get ideas for pieces of furniture that may suit your home. Inquire with the builder as to what happens to the furniture when he sells the home, perhaps he would be willing to do a deal with you for the furniture and accessories if they are to our taste.

Go to cheap furniture outlets

Quite often display furniture is from IKEA, Bunning’s, Lowes, and Masters, who all have on-line budget furniture sites. Some large furniture stores might have slightly damaged or old stock classed as seconds.

IKEA is an excellent retail outlet that suits the budget-conscious customer, they have inexpensive furniture for all areas of the home. With an online service that displays a catalog of the stock as well as an app for your smartphone.

If you are looking to purchase a bed. There are a lot of styles and sizes available from the king and queen beds down to baby furniture. Discount retail outlets provide furniture that looks every bit as good as expensive designer-style furniture.

Inexpensive furniture auctions

Check out auctions in your area.  As well secondhand stores may have suitably priced furniture from a household that has fallen on hard times. Re-possession sales might offer just the very piece you were looking for at a low price. Garage sales often have quality items for sale that may suit a room you are furnishing.

Inexpensive furniture

Curbside pickup

If you are really budget-conscious there is always curbside furniture that is waiting for pick up.  Check with your council for curb side pick-up dates, usually, that’s when most people change old furniture for new.

If you are looking for a specific design piece, consignment stores are an outlet that may suit you.  Talk to the staff and ask to be notified when an item is brought in.

Buying at a store or online, don’t forget to allow for delivery cost.  You might pay a bit more to get your bargain home, but it can be worth it.


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