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You are likely to find an excellent selection online, whether you need an ensemble for your bedroom or a single stunning piece for your living room. You may find the right piece for you for less than the retail price, if you are  a discerning shopper.

About Dovetail Furniture

About Dovetail Furniture

About Dovetail Furniture

Quirky Dovetail

Quirky Dovetail

Ted Einstein and Charlie Shaw founded Dovetail in 1992. Today, Dovetail has developed an expertise in sourcing an eclectic range of handmade furniture, textiles, and accessories from around the world. From their 100,000 square foot facility that includes a showroom for design clients and a wholesale outlet. They distribute throughout Mexico, United States, and Canada. Dovetail Furniture is based in Los Angeles. In terms of product quality, design, and price, their staff  have  a good understanding of the furniture retailers and all have furniture retail experience.

Care Instructions of Dovetail Furniture Online for Dovetail Furniture Products

Home Furniture and Home Furnishings in Norwich from Dovetail Furniture

Home Furniture and Home Furnishings in Norwich from Dovetail Furniture

Dovetail Furniture specializes in furniture that combines traditional construction techniques and classic designs, which results in furniture that continues to look good and will last for years to come. There are  several general care ways to maintain dovetail furniture products. You can use place mats and coasters particularly any surface where a glass may be placed,such as  coffee tables, and dining tables. Spills should be immediately wiped up to prevent any damage to the surface of the furniture.

For DOV300, DOV 100, DOV500, DOV600, DOV700, and XG codes, it is recommended the use of a cotton cloth is to occasionally wipe down the furniture as  these items have a wax finish.

Maintain the pieces of DOV200 codes natural look by wiping with a soft cotton cloth. You should also use place mats and coasters on these pieces. These items have a simple sanded finish with no sealer or wax and  are crafted from reclaimed elm.

It is essential to use place mats and coasters on SE4000 Codes pieces, which are left unfinished to preserve their natural beauty. It is recommended to use a cotton cloth for an occasional wipe down.

One of  a kind items at Dovetail Furniture that have wax and stain finish is Indian One of a Kind. You should not do much more than use a soft cotton cloth for an occasional buff. You can use Fiddes wax, if you have a surface to which you wish to add extra protection or a piece that you wish to add extra luster to.

You need an aerosol furniture polish to wipe down Dovetail Furniture Chinese one of a kind pieces, because they have a lacquer finish and are usually  painted.

Location of Dovetail Furniture

Dovetail furniture retailers

Dovetail furniture retailers

In addition to Dovetail Furniture online, you can visit their showroom. Dovetail Furniture online store at are registered as the wholesalers and design professional. Dovetail Furniture online store features access and pricing of their huge option of non-catalog items and one of a kind at their Los Angeles warehouse. For information on local dealers carrying Dovetail products, retail customers are welcome to contact them.

Dovetail Furniture Corporate Office & Warehouse Showroom
P.O. Box 513991
Los Angeles, CA 90061
14000 South Figueroa Street
phone: (310) 380 4800
fax: (310) 380 4801
email: [email protected]

Dovetail Furniture Las Vegas Showroom
Las Vegas, NV 89106
World Market Center Bldg. B
475 S. Grand Central Pkwy
Dovetail furniture showroom,# B-159

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