How To Manage Your Bathroom Renovation Cost

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By renovating your bathroom it can add immense value to your house, so don’t ignore it. However, before you jump into renovating your bathroom, you need to work out your bathroom renovation cost.  There is no point jumping into a renovating project, without knowing whether your budget will go the distance.

You can think about your design, what bathroom accessories and lots of other things, but it will be impossible if there is not enough money budgeted to cover the actual bathroom renovation cost.

bathroom renovation budget

How to work out your bathroom renovation cost

For a simple small renovation and for those who have enough budget to do a major bathroom renovation.  You don’t have to think that much about renovation cost itself. You can go directly to an interior designer and talk about the bathroom renovation project you want to do.

So when you go to the interior designer, you pretty much know that the actual bathroom renovation cost will be budgeted for you as the result.

You need to have a base level renovation cost, for whatever level you want to renovate.  You should work on three different levels such as a standard level, middle level or an exclusive level.

A decent bathroom renovation can range anywhere from about 1000 USD to 15000 USD or well above it.

So, there is an idiom which says “The price shows the quality”.  Also, the biggest cost component included in any bathroom renovation is the tradesman and workers.

You’re going to find that it will increase the budgeting for renovation, drastically.

bathroom renovation cost

Do it yourself bathroom renovation

What about those who need and want to renovate a bathroom but they don’t have enough budget to cover the bathroom renovation cost? Stay calm and keep in touch with your creative side, you can use your creativity to manage your bathroom renovation cost.

It will help you to efficiently control your bathroom renovation cost.  You can do simple things like you can use the tiles or flooring that you had before, and make it a feature when designing your new bathroom.

You can design it as mosaic style, by merging the rest of the tiles or floor and combining it with the background design of your bathroom.

The other solution to managing your bathroom renovation is to clean the existing tiles with the most powerful porcelain cleaner you can find.

You can mix it with water and put it onto the old tiles, floor or even old shower recess and then wait.  You should find that within hours after that you can clean it up and see the result. And the best thing is that you can apply it at night and clean it up in the morning before you take a shower inside it.

That’s a cheap solution to manage your budget for bathroom renovation costs.

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Paint and lighting in the bathroom

Another problem is the walls, paint and lighting. Actually, the budget for your bathroom renovation cost in terms of wall paint and lighting generally is not too expensive for standard quality.

Look it might because of necessity if you can’t afford it then postpone your bathroom renovation/

Make sure you don’t underestimate what it really will cost.  If you can’t afford it, then don’t do it, you don’t want a half-finished bathroom.

In terms of managing your bathroom renovation cost, you can do your walls and ceiling by painting it by yourself. You can choose some colours which represent your character, make sure you use waterproof paint for the best quality.

For the design, you can use your creativity, and design something that suits you.  Then, it’s all about the lighting budget. In this context, the budgeting depends on the energy and design of the lights and lamps itself.

In terms of the bathroom renovation cost, your personal feelings will influence the cost.

If your lamps and lighting are high in energy usage, your energy bill will be higher from your supplier.  So make sure you research what types of lighting you will use, such as floor lights or energy-efficient globes.

Everything we’ve written above is just a few solutions to managing your bathroom renovation cost.  The final tip we can offer is to make sure once you do your budget.  Add allow another 10% for the unforeseen things that will happen, and yes they always do.

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