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In American homes, the composition of rooms has changed with the times, living rooms, family rooms, and great rooms are mutating as well. When decorating and designing living room vs family room.  There is no longer a general formula of room styles, as each home is unique in design according to the homeowner’s preference.

Rather than old rules about décor, your living room, family room, and the great room should reflect your lifestyle. Nonetheless, certain customary characteristics are determining each room. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the living room will likely be extinct by 2017.

Living Room vs Family Room Resources Living Room Home

Living Room vs Family Room Resources Living Room Home


Great room vs. Family room vs. Living room: Function and Purpose

Homeowners began to demand open floor plans in the 1980s. This room consists of one large space that flows openly into the kitchen. The great room is an extension of how families actually live because the kitchen operates as the hub of most homes.

The living and family room are combined into one large entertaining space, it may also incorporate the dining room. Separate family and living rooms are offered by traditional floor plans.

The family room is usually designed for relaxing, operates as an informal space for watching television, relaxing with the kids, or even playing games, while on the other hand, formal space for socializing with guests is the living room. This comparison is offered by the experts at Feng Shui Interior Design in “Live in your living room. Play in your family room”.

Great room vs. Family room vs. Living room: Location

The great room, in contemporary homes, sits near the kitchen in the center of the residence. The living room, in traditional homes, lies near the foyer at the front of the residence where guests are directly escorted upon arriving. A family room is occupied by the family in the rear of the home, near the backyard, kitchen, and bedrooms.

What is the difference between a family room and a living room.

What is the difference between a family room and a living room?

Great room vs. Family room vs. Living room: Décor and Furniture

A large-screen TV, media equipment, computers, bookcases, and oversize furniture are all filled by the owners because a great room functions as both a living room and family room. The family room, in homes with a separate family room and living room, is often decorated by the owners with casual furniture and a TV.

Formal furnishings and books are kept in the living room, along with artwork, Persian rugs, tea service, a parlor sofa, heirlooms, and bookshelves.

Difference between living room and family room

Difference between the living room and family room

Great room vs. Family room vs. Living room: Size

As its name implies, grand dimensions are offered by the great room. Often with an arched ceiling, the room is both tall and wide. The dimensions of the living room in homes with separate spaces are roughly equal. However, not all homes have both a living room and a family room, in such cases. one room doubles as both a family and a living room.

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