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The arrival of fall brings the countdown to many welcome familiarities.  Which is particularly reminiscent of fall but perfect any time of the year; holiday cooking, piles of raked leaves and Cosby-Esque sweaters, pairings of warm and natural earth tones or neutral and bright jewel tones are this year’s leading interior-design color motifs, according to

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People seem to have adopted a caution-beats-costly attitude during harder economic times, which means many homeowners are choosing to retain their home rather than buying a new one.

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As a result, interior decorators say they are being called on to revamp owners’ old spaces. The senior interior designer for Benjamin Moore & Co., a leading paint manufacturer, Sony Mathew says “People are being very wise with their investment”. “They are making their homes more comfortable and livable as opposed to moving into something newer and trendier”.

Revamping your home

Around 80 percent of his clients are second-time or third-time homeowners.  Who for the first time are employing the services of a decorator said the president of Portland, Garrison Hullinger, Oregon-based Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc. His services are used to revamp the living room and the master bathroom by the majority of his customers.

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Mathew also said homeowners like to change the interiors of their homes just as they enjoy the seasonal changes of the outside. says the overall trend this fall is to create happy spaces and cozy luxury.

Jason Ball, principal designer of Jason Ball Interiors of Portland said “We are seeing happier colors across the board; the result is to make interiors less gloomy that seems to prevail during the economic downturn”.

Jubilant reds, harvest gold, gleeful greens, captivating purples, lively browns, and blissful blue undertones.  Which are heading into 2015, are very favourable. In addition, contemporary lines may be created and a tone of rough-hewn modernity may be also presented.  Which is growing in popularity, with texture such as natural wood for flooring and furniture, and gray stone counters or stone details.

“Like teaks and walnut and even whitewash, the dark ebony-stained woods are being done away with in favor of lighter natural woods with lighter finishes”, says Hullinger. “Simple, graceful lines are preferred by the homeowner”.

In addition to his work on the West Coast, Hullinger, who has projects in Washington D.C. Connecticut, and Florida, says the times of heavy sponging, ornamentation, and baroque patterns definitely have gone out of fashion. Hullinger said, “Everywhere you go, the days of Vegas are over”.

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Go with the Season

The methods for incorporating the season’s colors and updating your home’s décor.  Range from repainting to refurnishing to adding accents such as rugs, decorative pillows, bedding, and artwork.

As well as patterned and textured wallpapers, Venetian plastering also has become popular, according to, which should be considered. Repainting is a fairly easy and cost-effective way to revitalize a space.  Compared to buying new furniture, so makes it a popular choice, says

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