Painting Rooms with Two Colors

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This is the right time, to change your home environment and try painting rooms two colors. You can use your favorite color to make your home environment look good and feel great.  Using different colors for painting the room is easy and simple. Incorporating two colors or more will make your room look colorful and fun. Using two colors for painting the wall are used to give as accent to your wall. It is a good idea that can make your room look attractive.

Painting with Two Different Colors

Painting with Two Different Colors

There are a wide range colors you can use to paint your room. Choose the right color that is suitable to your personality as it  will give the impression of you’re style  in  your home environment.

Painting with two color shades is an interesting trend. It can give the most fantastic  effect for any room. In painting with two colors, it may be suitable for rooms such as living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Two colors will offer a fun and  a new atmosphere to your room.

Painting a Room Multiple Colors

Painting a Room Multiple Colors

But before you apply color to your walls, make sure you make the right decision about the color that you want to use. Not all colors will  work if you incorporate them together. You should  consider  your furniture before you apply any paint colour. When choosing  the colour paint, consider the furniture that will be placed in the room .

The first thing you have to decide is choosing the right colour tone . Choose a dark then a light color. Dark will give complement for a light color. Or choose contrasting color such as purple, blue, green, red, yellow and many others.

If you choose contrasting colors, do not do too many touches because it can make your room look bright and blinding when you look at it. You should choose the right color that is showcases  your personality if you want an accent. You can apply a bit of paint onto walls or ceiling.

Painting a Room 2 Colors Two Colors in a Room

Painting a Room 2 Colors Two Colors in a Room

You may wish to  choose a complementary color. There are a variety of complementary colors you can choose it  just depends on what your contrast colors are.

For something more balanced

Looking for more balance and even tone, purple is a good option. If you select a  purple color you may  combine it  with white. Purple and white color make the room look more coordinated as well. You cannot go wrong with these paint colors because it is gives balance to the room environment.

Painting Room Two Different Colors

Painting Room Two Different Colors

For something more striking and dramatic

For something more dramatic and striking you can choose violet and yellow. Try combining these colors for your room. These colors are complementary when together, they can help to highlight the room. This colour may be suitable  for teenagers or kids rooms as well.

Another color for a more striking and dramatic effect is red and green color. You can try complementary colors for your child’s bedroom as well, to give you child’s room a facelift.

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