Tips for Keeping a Cat from Scratching Furniture

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Marking the territory, stretching the muscles and sharpening the claws is the answer to why cats scratch the furniture or something. If you need tips that can help you to help your cat curb the urge (or maybe redirect it away from your furniture like your sofa)

Try considering to following the instruction steps below that can help you to find a way that might help to get the best result. So, let’s check these out

ways to stop cats from scratching your furniture


A scratching post should be provided and they have to be placed in areas where a cat or your cat lingers, for example, by a sunny window.


The second step you have to know is how many different types of posts should be considered. You might need to experiment, to find the one that your  cat can love.

Need a good spray to prevent cat from scratching furniture



The next way you have to remember is you have to keep in mind that different cats, will like different surface textures such as wood, rugs or cardboard and post orientations (vertical or horizontal)


After that, the next way you don’t have to forget is the kittens have to be encouraged, so the post can be used and you should also remember that they have to be rewarded with praise and food.


The next way you have to always remember is you have to consider that extra attention should be given to your cat when it stirs from a nap, and then it has to be placed near the scratching post, because many cats scratch when waking up.


You have to notice that punishing your cat should be avoided if it scratches in an inappropriate area. Punishment teaches the cat to not scratch in your presence which is very important, but it will not deter a cat from scratching when you are not around.


The next way, is to avoid allowing your cat to scratch an old couch, even if you make a plan to get rid of your cat soon, this will only allow your cat to scratch the new couch.


This is the last way, you have to always remember, it is about a consultation, you have to take a consult to your veterinarian about the alternative treatment selection before you give up.

There you go, several tips and warnings you have to notice, So let’s take a look at the following

  • Adverse  tasting substances cannot help, because the taste buds will not be involved when scratching.
  • Anxiety can be gotten by yelling and loud noises and destructive behavior can also be encouraged.
  • You have to know that scratching is a natural behavior, so the cat’s access to one section that want to be blocked by you just will encourage your cat to scratch elsewhere.

Just remember cats can be stubborn to, so take your time and teach them the right type of behavior to get your cat to stop scratching furniture.

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