What Size TV for My Living Room Do I Need

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Getting the right size TV for a living room in an apartment depends on preference and priority.  The best TV  size for an apartment is a TV that fits perfectly in the room. If your preference is to have the largest TV possible, you might have that even at the cost of sacrificing space.

There is no right or wrong answer here, as it relates to your preference and priority, you just have to be mindful of placement and size. In addition, choosing the right viewing screen size for a living room makes watching entertainment a more comfortable experience.

Best TV Size for Apartment

Best TV Size for Apartment

How to find the best TV size for an apartment

The thing you will need:

Measuring Tape

  • In order to know what size TV for a living room that fits.
    • First, the optimal spot for the TV in your living room must be determined.
    • What will the TV be housed in or on in the room should be identified.
    • What’s the ideal location for the TV.
    • Decide whether the TV should be wall-mounted or on a stand before you measure the space of the location you have chosen.
    • Make sure the wall has studs to screw the mounting brackets into if the TV is to be wall-mounted.
      • Wall mounting a TV is ideal, it there is not a lot of space in the room for a stand.
      • The great thing about a stand is that the TV can easily be moved later on without any damage to the wall.
  • Imagine the TV in that space and how big it needs to be in relation to the viewing distance by sitting in the area where the TV will be viewed.
    • A smaller TV might need to be purchased if the viewing distance is very close, or simply less than 6 feet. Or on the other hand, a much larger TV may be preferable if the viewing distance is very far, more than 15 feet.

Getting the Measurements Right

What Size TV for Apartment

  • Check the measurements that you took earlier.  Make sure your TV-size is researched carefully.
    • Which size appropriately fits in the space allocated for it
    • Is it aesthetic, the TV should not be closer than six inches to any door, edge or adjacent wall.
    • Make sure that art and décor have their ample space, this is an interior design principle that should be used.
    • The TV must complement the existing décor, and should not distract from the rest of the room.

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