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There are plenty of sources that serve to inspire decorative letters for walls, like book passages, quotes, significant phrases and personal names. As well there are various materials suitable for applying decorative lettering to your walls include wallpaper, vinyl lettering, hanging letters and even paint.

Decorative Wall Letters for Nursery

The four types of decorative letters for walls

Decorative letters can function as accent pieces, such as on either side of a fireplace, or be the focal point of a room, such as the space above your bed’s headboard. Just make sure that you take the time to plan before applying the letters.  You want to make sure that the result is quality.

Vinyl Lettering

Similar to a sticker, but Vinyl decal lettering is made for a wall. You can find this product at craft stores and even department stores but the choices available are limited and tend toward inspirational quotes.

On the other hand, the internet has a wide range of decorative letters for walls that you could choose the letters, font and colors that you want for a completely customized product.

By peeling it off its backing and smoothing it onto the wall from one end of the decal to the other, the vinyl decal should be applied to a dry and clean wall.  Do not forget to press out any air bubbles as you go.


Including word patterns, any pattern or design can be converted into wallpaper.  An accent wall or an entire room could be covered with word wallpaper or with pages from a favourite book. Use wallpaper with small print and a similar color palette for the text and background for a subtle textured look.  As an example cream text on a holding background.

Wallpaper could be chosen, for a bold statement.  Go with large wording and significant contrasts between the background text and colour.  Try for white words on a navy background.

Decorative Wall Letters Words Quotes


The most inexpensive is painting decorative letters on a wall.  You have total freedom of choice regarding color, size and font. Use a ruler and a pencil, once a word or group of the letter for your wall has been chosen, to make evenly spaced marks for the letter placement.

As a reference, an alphabet chart could be printed out in your desired font.  Then the letters could be painted freehand by using a paintbrush and acrylic paint or even wall paint.

Decorative Wooden Wall Letters

Hanging Letters

Decorative wall hanging letters are easy-to-use art that conveys a purpose or emotional message. Individual hanging decorative letters come in a variety of fonts and materials, such as plastic, metal and wood.

For easy hanging, small screw eyes need to be installed on the back of wood letters.  Then use sticky hangers for plastic and metal letters.  Also, it could be displayed in baby nurseries, kitchens, children’s bedrooms, over a mantle or to capture a mood or function.

One might display wall hanging letters associated with cooking or family in a breakfast nook, for instance.

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