Earl Scheib Paint Colors

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When looking for an affordable paint color for painting your automobile or repainting some body repair and computer color matching Earl Scheib paint is an excellent choice.  The Earl Scheib products are the product to give the best result for your project.

Earl Scheib has been recognized for over 79 years in the paint color industry for auto car body painting. Earl Scheib is a company which is specialized in repairing automobiles of domestic and foreign make with locations in 23 states in the US.

If you have a problem with your car, Earl Scheib is the name you need, they have experience in the auto painting and repair industries and will guide you to the finish.

Earl Scheib Paint and Body

Earl Scheib Paint and Body

They are affordable with prices that will suit your budget and offer great services. If you have a problem with your car or want to change your car color, Earl Scheib will help you in finishing your project.

 The use of high-quality products can make a customer’s car appearance look brand new. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Auto Paint Body Collision Repair

Auto Paint Body Collision Repair

Earl Scheib services

Free estimate

The professional will meet with you and learn just what you would like to do with your car.  Earl Scheib’s manager will then prepare a detailed estimate of what you would like to have repaired on your car.

Paint and brush

In painting your car,  Earl Scheib uses the best quality Sherwin Williams paints to ensure optimum gloss and durability for your cars.  Colors are mixed by the factory computer codes and then custom tinted by a trained technician. A technician will match your vehicle’s specific color before begins the process to paint.

Earl Scheib Concord Complete Paint & Body Services

Expert detailing

Earl Scheib offers a range of detailing services to make your car look new. They are offering 50% off the standard price when repairing your car. For more information about the service, you can visit their website and then ask for their complete menu of options.

Cosmetics collision repair

Remember Earl Scheib for those unsightly “Fender Benders”.  Earl Scheib will save your money, as much as 30% off on out-of-pocket repairs.

Rust repair and panel replacement

Earl Scheib also offers you a choice of solutions for any rust damage to your vehicle. They can offer repair solutions to fit your budget and of course your needs.

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