Diamond Vogel Paint Color Products

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Diamond Vogel is a family run business, and has been established since 1926, by Andrew Vogel in Orange City, lowa. He migrated to America from Holland with his parents. Andrew Vogel’s father is also a painter and paper hanger in Holland.  Diamond Vogel paint color products are now a wide range of paint color options on the market.

In the 1940’s Andrew’s son Frank returned from world war two to enter the business and under his guidance the business started to bloom. His younger brother Marvin later joined the company.

Diamond Vogel industrial coatings

Diamond Vogel have an extensive range of paint color products for the exterior and interior of any home.  Their products have been used on some of the finest residential and commercial buildings.  There are paints and stains with literally thousands of colors and formulations available in their range.

Diamond Vogel are specialists in architectural finishes, heavy duty protection coatings, industrial equipment and maintenance, traffic demarcation, and home products. They can also provide a professional who can help you with the finishing of your project. With their amazing services, you will be satisfied with Diamond Vogel manufacturers.

Diamond Vogel paint color product range

Diamond Vogel manufactures have available a variety of product for finishing your project. The products are for exterior coatings, interior coatings, and specialty coatings. There are three types of products manufactured by Diamond Manufacturers all with a different product name. All of these products will give the best result for an excellent finish for your project.

The exterior coating are divided into 4 product types such as

  • Primer
  • Fillers
  • Sealers
  • Latex or acrylic finishes, Alkyd or oil finishes, Wood stains or finishes and providing with variety product that will work well for interior.

They are are a wide range of products for exteriors that you can choose from.

For interior coating, they are divided into 4 product types such as Primer or fillers or sealers, Latex or acrylic finishes, oil finishes, and wood stains or finishes.

Specialty coatings products are for Floor, pool, traffic coatings and more.

Diamond Vogel Color Chart

Why should you use Diamond Vogel paint color?

Diamond Vogel provide the best of paint colors that ensures your home environment is protected against the harshest of weather conditions.

For interior problems there are products to deal with such problems as caulking failures, coalescence void, burnishing, blocking, cracking or flaking, flashing, wrinkling, lapping, mud cracking, picture framing, mildew, foaming or cratering, flow or leveling failure, yellowing, touch up failure, scrubbing failure, stain resistance failure, roller marks, poor hiding, sagging, print resistance failure, and spattering or roller.

For the exterior, there are products that deal with such conditions as alligatoring, chalking, dirt staining, blistering, checking or flaking, efflorescence, leaching or surfactant, nailhead rusting, mildew, galvanized metal, fading or color retention, frosting, gloss retention, wrinkling, wax bleeding, tannin wood staining, masonry, resisting alkali, hardboard, paint incompatibility, and under eaves peeling.

If you have experienced any of the above conditions in your home be assured that , using Diamond Vogel paint is an excellent choice to solve those problems. It covers the walls very well for long lasting durability.

Diamond Vogel company locations

If you wish to purchase any of the Diamond Vogel paint range you can visit their store which is located in 1110 Albany Place SE, P.O BOX 380, orange city, IA 51041 with phone number 1-800-72VOGEL.

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