Clorox Bathroom Cleaner With Teflon

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Most people automatically think of chlorine bleach when they hear about Clorox. This is because chlorine bleach was the flagship product made by the Clorox Company. It is one of the most popular household cleaning brands on the market.  But the Clorox Bathroom Cleaner with Teflon is amazing.

Clorox is a regular bleach that may kill common viruses and bacteria around your home, according to the Clorox Company. Clorox bathroom cleaner with Teflon is one of the most popular products from Clorox.  This cleaner does not contain bleach and is safe to use on many different types of surfaces.

While leaving a Teflon residue to prevent new dirt build-up, Clorox bathroom cleaner with Teflon also cuts soap scum, grime, dirt, and grease, thus making Clorox bathroom cleaner with Teflon a good choice for cleaning your bathroom and toilet.

Although bathroom cleaning product is not a cheap product,  it is readily available on the market.

Bathroom Cleaner and Disinfecting Spray

Bathroom Cleaner and Disinfecting Spray


To clean your toilet with a  Clorox bathroom cleaner, follow the instructions below:

Things you will need Rubber gloves, Clorox bathroom cleaner with Teflon, Toilet brush, Rags, Spray bottle, and bucket.

  1. The bathroom fan should be turned on and the door and windows must be opened before the process is started. Good ventilation is necessary when you are using Clorox bathroom cleaner with Teflon. While not as overpowering as others, Clorox bathroom cleaner with Teflon has a smell that needs ventilation for the safety of the user.
  2. Take the rubber gloves then put them on. Any toilet seat and tank cover should be removed. To wet the sides of the bowl and lift the toilet seat to gain better access to the bowl, the toilet should be flushed.
  3. 1 cup of bathroom cleaner with Teflon could be poured into the bowl, to disinfect the bowl, let it stand for 10 minutes. Or alternately, you may directly spray 6 – 8 inches from the surface.
  4. The interior of the bowl should be scrubbed by using the toilet brush. The Clorox bathroom cleaner with Teflon may be used with water to loosen the debris at the water line and beneath the rim.
  5. To rinse it out, simply flush the toilet. Just repeat the process, if there are still stains until you get them out. Two or three times is usually enough to clean the inside of your bowl.
  6. In order to create an effective disinfecting solution to clean the rest of the toilet, you could mix ¾ cup of cleaner with 1 gallon of water in a bucket. Take the spray bottle then fill it with the solution.
  7. The rim, the seat, the sides of the base of the tank.  As well as underside of the seat should be sprayed with the solution and let it sit for 5 minutes. Take a damp cloth to wipe the sprayed areas clean and let them air dry.
  8. The solution must also be applied to a rag then wipe down the handle, the lid, and the top of the tank. Take a damp cloth, again, and then wipe the treated areas. The clean areas should be allowed to air dry, and do not forget to not use the toilet until it is completely dry.

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