Walkthrough for Escape the Bathroom

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We wanted to step away from home design and take a look at reno downtime with a game called Escape the Bathroom.  Actually, one of the infinite types of escape game series you could find out there is Escape the bathroom.  we wanted to give you a walkthrough for Escape the Bathroom.

With both offline and online games, there is a lot of escape game series offered out there that can help you relax in your spare time and rest your mind from your work for a while. Compared to any other strategic and adventure games you could find out there, this kind of game is actually very simple.

It doesn’t mean that this kind of game is easily solved. If it was to easy to solve there would be a lot of people out there who have been whining and frustrated. If you have tried playing this game and feel frustrated.  Here is a walkthrough for escape the bathroom you could use playing the game later.

Hints for Escape the Bathroom

Walkthrough for Escape the Bathroom

Actually, to help you spend your leisure time, there are a lot of settings in the escape game series.  Such as escape the phone booth, escape the car and also escape the freeze, which could be played for free.

The main concept of all of those games is the same; you need to successfully get out of the room you are trapped in. Which means conquering the f you have got out the room.

The Great Bathroom Escape Walkthrough Guide

About escape the bathroom

Escape the bathroom is the most popular setting amongst all of the games from escape series. This game is set in a bathroom where you have to solve the way out to escape. In order to get out of this room, you have to find certain places and hints, which must be solved in order.

Since you need to do the right steps in order to find them, it will be definitely a challenge for you to find them. Therefore, you will absolutely need this walkthrough to Escape the bathroom.

Step by step, detail tutorial to solve the game is actually consisted of the walkthrough to escape the bathroom. Obviously you could definitely escape the bathroom more easily and faster with these walkthroughs.

The wrench, the plunger, the toilet, the bathroom mirror, toothbrush, the hairdryer and also the razor.  Which are all in the game are all the main hints of this escape game.

So, you need to pay attention to all of these items. First, by using the plunger, you need to flush the toilet, and then get the key that will appear in the toilet bowl.

After that, the bathroom should be opened by using the key to retrieve the razor, hairdryer and toothbrush.

You will get the secret code of the gadget beside the bath by these three types of equipment. Once this has been solved, you could turn on the hairdryer and water using the wrench.  Which then can open the door.

Walkthrough Escape the Bathroom 3D

Remember that if you want to get out of the bathroom.  You need to start the walkthrough to Escape the bathroom in the right order. Otherwise, if you don’t follow the right order, you will only find a dead end.  So you will need to start again.

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