Commercial Bathroom Stalls

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Restrooms or bathrooms that are found in most public places, such as a restaurant, a movie theater, or an airport, have stalls with doors. Typically, commercial bathroom stall are constructed with coated stainless steel panels. The steps involved in installing a commercial bathroom stall door are outlined below.

Commercial Bathroom Stall Size

Commercial Bathroom Stall Size

To install commercial bathroom stall doors, follow the instructions below:

Requirements: Door assembly and hardware, Two one-eared 1-1/4-inch wall brackets, Sixteen theft-resistant C/P #14 by 2-1/2-inch SMS, Twelve plastic shields, Two alcove “L” bracket – Zamak, Fourteen theft-resistant C/P #14 by 5/8-inch SMS (balance for fastening pilaster panel), Two one ear 1-inch wall brackets and also Two head rail “F” brackets – aluminum.

Commerical Restroom Stalls

Commercial Restroom Stalls

  1. The hinge assembly of a commercial bathroom stall door consists of separate (pie-assembled) lower and upper portions that are inserted into the door at the factory. For the top hinge, using a ¼ drill bit, drill the top hole at 13-1/4-inch from the top of pilaster. Drill a bottom hole for the hinge 1-1/2-inch below the top hole. For the bottom hinge, the top hole is 68 inches from the top of pilaster. The bottom hole must be drilled 1 1/2-inch from the top hole.
  2. With two through bolts and barrel nuts, upper door hinge must be secured, with the bushing lip upward, to pilaster.
  3. With the two through bolts, secure the lower door hinge to the pilaster.
  4. Prepare the nylon bushing and insert it into the bottom of the top hinge.
  5. The door will be required to be set and depressed slightly until top hinge lines up with cutout. With the top hole in the hinge, align the pin hole in top of the door then insert the hinge pin. Tap it lightly until it is set in place.
  6. Through the bottom hinge, a 3/8-inch by 1-inch cap bolt must be inserted then thread it into door until it begins to grab threads. Hold the door at the desired degree and tap the bolt head gently. Before you tighten the bolt, make sure that the commercial bathroom stall door has been held at the desired degree, once that is done, all that is then required is to take a wrench and tighten the bolt until tight. The inside portion of the latch (knob) now requires to be inserted , aligning the tooth with the cutout in slide bolt. With the large hole at the bottom alight the tooth on outside escutcheon plate and then compress together.
  7. To accept latch pin, door stop and keeper must be installed.
  8. Once the coat hook has installed, your project of installing a commercial bathroom stall door is done.

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