How to Arrange a Salvation Army Furniture Donation Pickup

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In 2009, over 10 million people donated toys, clothing, and furniture to the Salvation Army. Do you know about the Salvation Army? As an evangelical organization, the Salvation Army is dedicated to meeting people needs and bringing people into a relationship with God  without discrimination. With the mission to help the whole of the population by supplying food shelter and clothing. The Salvation Army also provides rehabilitation services to people.

How to Arrange a Donation Pickup With the Salvation Army

How to Arrange a Donation Pickup With the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army also provides jobs, help people recover from substance abuse, and assist families of those affected. In order to keep the organization going, The Salvation Army relies on donations. To assist the Salvation Army in furthering their cause, you can donate any unwanted  furniture clothing and house  supplies. Whether your donate your furniture, goods, airline miles, or goods, there are plenty of ways to done to Salvation Army.

Furniture Donation to the Salvation Army

How to Arrange for Furniture Donation Pickup

How to Arrange for Furniture Donation Pickup

There are few steps to donate your furniture to the Salvation Army. Let’s check this out!

Ways to Give - The Salvation Army

Ways to Give – The Salvation Army

  1. Determine whether you want to have the furniture picked up or transport it to a drop-off centre yourself. You will need a large vehicle and help from another person on which to carry it, in order to transport large furniture.
  2. In order to schedule a Salvation Army truck to come pick up your furniture, you can call 800-728-7825. The workers from the Salvation Army are available  to pick up your furniture in their truck and save you any worries.
  3. On the Salvation Army website, you can locate a drop-off center. You can use the search box at the top-right corner of the Salvation Army website home page. From most locations in the United State, a pick-up service is available. In order to find centers that are near to you, enter your zip code.
  4. You may wait for at least 7 to 14 days between the pick-up date and your initial phone call. Depending on the area of the country, wait time will be varying.
  5. You should explain the nature of your donation. This will help Salvation Army workers make appropriate transportation accommodations, whether they are going to pick up a car, a truck, or a tractor.
  6. Clean your furniture and wiping off any dust to prepare furniture for donation. If there are damaged parts, you should attempt to fix them before donating the goods. Make a list of furniture you intend to donate. When the pick-up crew arrives, present the list to them. So, you can obtain a donation receipt for tax purposes. In order to move heavy furniture to the truck or car, you can ask help of someone else or use a dolly.
  7. The workers from Salvation Army will give you the donation receipt. When you file your income taxes, use this receipt in the event you qualify for a tax break.

Other Donations to the Salvation Army

How to Arrange a Donation Pickup With the Salvation Army1

How to Arrange a Donation Pickup With the Salvation Army1

Besides donating furniture, you can also donate your time, clothes, or airline miles. In order to inquire about volunteer opportunities in your area, you should call  your local Salvation Army. You can also donate to the Salvation Army, if you are frequent flyer and accrue more miles than you can use.

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