Trough Sinks for Bathrooms

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In a modern décor, bathrooms have become more than a purely functional space. Especially sinks in new homes and remodelled bathrooms, the design and aesthetic appeal of the fixtures are considered to be as important as their ability to hold water.  Some people look for a unique feature like trough sinks for bathrooms.

Unique trough sinks for bathrooms as a feature

Bathroom sinks, in recent years, have become available in an astounding number of materials and styles. Homeowners are incorporating favourite colours and unique forms, such as trough sinks for bathroom, thus creating a highly personalized space.

Concrete Trough Sinks in the Bath Room Bathroom Vanities

Concrete Trough Sinks in the Bath Room Bathroom Vanities


Natural Stone

One of the most popular and widely sought after materials for trough sinks in natural stone.  They are formed from marble, granite, or a combination of materials. It is resistant to scratching and staining by its durable finish. Bowl-shaped vessel sinks are among the most popular stone style.

Natural stone sinks work best being slightly recessed into or simply sit on top of the countertop. Asian-influenced “soft rectangle” styles, continue to grow in popularity. Noticeably soft, these have rounded edges that are equated with a postmodern look.

The trough sinks style for bathrooms were usually associated with institutional use, they are exaggeratedly long and fairly wide, however, are becoming popular for their industrial-chic aesthetic. To keep any stone product looking its best, then occasional resealing may be required to prevent staining and water damage.

Custom Bathroom Trough Sink Designs For Commercial

Custom Bathroom Trough Sink Designs For Commercial

Stainless Steel trough sinks

For years, stainless steel has been the go-to material for kitchens. More recently, it has made a splash as a modern material, appropriate for the bathroom. Its shapes are ranging from oval or round to the traditional double-rectangle or apron style.

One style is that of a solid piece with the countertop, a seamless design, and is a great choice for a thoroughly modern décor. There are no seams or gaps to trap dirt with these, making them one of the easiest styles to clean and care for.

Since the bathroom is commonplace for mould and mildew, the nonporous nature of stainless, it is the ideal material to use in wet areas. An added advantage is the stainless steel sink won’t l rust, tarnish, or stain. If it looks a little dull a quick spray with WD40, and polish with a dry cloth bring it back to pristine condition.

Trough Sinks for Bathrooms Porcelain

Trough Sinks for Bathrooms Porcelain

Copper trough sinks

A striking material that takes on a unique character as it ages is copper. It tends to turn an attractive deep copper to brown color over time. Because it is inhospitable to bacterial growth, it is one of the most hygienic products available for bathroom sinks.

The surface is scratch-resistant and will resist staining with minimal upkeep.  For routine cleaning, all you need is mild soap and warm water. A bit of copper or brass polish will remove discolorations or tarnishes.

Undermount Trough Bathroom Sink Large Trough Style Sinks

Undermount Trough Bathroom Sink Large Trough Style Sinks

Gemstone trough sinks

If you want a unique artistic look, then a gemstone-material sink is a great choice. Generally, these sinks are made of crushed gemstones or jewel-tone resins that have been sculpted into basin form. There is nearly an unlimited selection of colors and textures. Amber, turquoise, jasper, and terracotta are all popular options, while other vivid colors range from sapphire blue to bright gold.

Each individual sink is a one-of-a-kind product because gemstone sinks are free-form. They are used for trough sinks for bathrooms, give a  cleaner finish, have recessed vessel-style sinks with a smooth and self-rimming edge, and are now being offered by manufacturers. The cleaning and care are easy, as, they are resistant to scratching, staining, and bacterial growth.

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