How To Choose Mab Paint Colors For Your Next Renovation

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If you are looking for the right paint color to brighten up your home.  Then visit Mab to paint colors for some excellent ideas.  Mab paints have manufactured a wide range of paint colors that when applied to your beautiful home will create a  new look. The products made by Mab paint manufacture are a reliable product which has excellent quality and gives value for money.

mab paint colors

All About MAB paints

Mab paints manufacturers have been making paint since 1899.  They are providing professional resources, green solutions, products, and color resources to the home handyman and professional painting industries alike.  When you are ready to start that painting project, the professional team will assist you to find a paint that will suit you.

Professional resources

There are three programs that are provided by Mab paints.

  •  Architecture and design: find everything you need for a project from the start to finish. They can establish the right specifications for any project such as MPI specifications, color resources, commercial wallcovering books, color samples, products, and green solutions.
  • Industrial: they are offering everything you need to know for your project in accordance with the specification required for industrial products, an industrial glossary of terms, water and wastewater tank coatings, and of course green solutions.
  • Contractors: they offer the use of professional people who use top quality products and provided in the services are tools, applicators, and fillers, spray equipment and repairs, products, MSDS or PDS easy access, store locator, painter advantage, and green solutions.

The color resources that you can use

In choosing the color resources there are 3 color types that you can choose. Mab paint manufacturers do provide a wide color paint accordance department.  You can check out the MAB paints and coatings sections here:

  • Sher color matching: in choosing color paint, you can get the precise color with the advance computerized color with formula systems.
  • Color to go: there is a wide range of paint colors you can choose from. You also can test your color choice with to-go quart-size paint samples.
  • Ecocolor online : if you need the latest color, Mab paint manufacture also provides wide color paint. Explore colors from the latest color collections.

Top 10 ManCave Colors BILINGUAL.indd

Paints and product range

Mab paints provide 3 products that you need for your project include concrete and masonry coatings, architectural paints, and industrial coatings.

  • Concrete masonry coatings

Concrete masonry coatings are divided into 8 products. That is

  1. Modac
  2. Acra lastic
  •  Architectural paints
  1. Interiors paints
  2. Exterior paints
  3. Interior primers
  4. Exterior primers
  5. Floor finishes
  6. Block fillers
  7. Athletics and zone marking paints
  8. Interior and exterior wood stains
  •  Industrial coatings
  1. Dry falls
  2. Metal primers
  3. Metal finishes

Map green solutions

The last service by Mab paint manufacturers is the Mab green solutions. The products that can help you achieve your goals as green business solutions and green product solutions. They are providing a model for environmentally responsible business practice.

Painting, or even repainting your home can be a huge decision.  So a paint manufacture like Mab paint manufacturer, can give you some amazing choices in paint and help you pick the best color for you.

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