Kitchen Paint Colors with White Cabinets

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Having white cupboards in your kitchen need not restrict you in your choice of color for the walls. There are many colors to choose from, but the right hue of color is important to have a fresh clean look.

Paint Color for White Kitchens

Paint Color for White Kitchens

  • Light Green color

Light green  is an excellent  choice for the walls.  It will balance with the white cabinets. It give a crisp clean look to a kitchen.

Kitchen White Cabinets Wall Color

Kitchen White Cabinets Wall Color

  • Red Color

Not everyone will like this color in a kitchen. There are many tones of red  that will blend well with white cabinets without being overpowering.

Kitchen Colors for White Cabinets

Kitchen Colors for White Cabinets

  • Light Blue color

Another excellent choice of kitchen wall colors is blue color. Blue and white together offers a warm atmosphere. Light blue is one of  the most popular color for many rooms such as bedroom, living room, bathroom, and off course kitchen. Blue will accentuate the white cabinets in a kitchen.

  • White color

White walls coupled with white cabinets would be very bright and hard to live with. However if other colors are introduced into the room as a contrast with the  tiles and curtains and blinds, then the look will be changed completely.  Counter tops would also change the look in the room.  White works well in  small areas and gives a clean bright look.

Kitchen Color Ideas with White Cabinets

Kitchen Color Ideas with White Cabinets

  • Yellow color

Yellow color is the latest color paint for kitchens. Yellow color schemes will work with  white cabinet very well, giving off a bright glamorous appeal.  Yellow  may help increase increase your focus and has been noted for helping  mental agility and enhancing intelligence. So,the  choice of yellow color has more going for it than just complimenting the white cabinets.

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