How To Choose Living Room Rugs That Will Suit Any Living Room

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One of the most functional and styled areas in a home is generally the living room,  You want it to be a relaxed atmosphere for the family to enjoy at the end of the day. It’s hard to relax in a space that doesn’t feel warm and inviting.  Adding a rug to the living room will make all the difference. Whether they’re plush, flat woven, round, square, or sheepskin, rugs bring comfort and warmth to any room.

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Why you need a large rug

A large rug usually defines the seating area. It should match the size and style of the living room. Small rugs imbalance a large room, position a large rug so the front legs of the furniture sit on it.  It will give balance and can define zones in the room.

Why you need an area or pattern rug

Area rugs have overtaken the popularity of wall-to-wall carpet. When it comes to choosing a rug for the living room give considerable thought to the color and pattern. A patterned rug will give that pop of color to a neutral room with bland wall colors and neutral furniture. A patterned rug will also hide dirt and spills more easily.

A solid rug can work in any room

A solid rug in neutral tones will tone down an overly bright room and give it more a harmonious balance, it will however show stains more easily. If your choice is a bright rug and you have a bright-colored living room try to select colors that will marry together well. The idea would be to have colors that don’t fight with each other, otherwise, you will end up with a visually cluttered space.

Learn to look after your living room rug

Maintenance is required for any living room rug to keep it in good condition. Medium to high piled rugs needs to be deep cleaned at least once a year, to remove hairs, dust and allergens as vacuuming isn’t enough. Low pile and flatweave rugs need to be aired outside and given a good shake on a regular basis.

Check the cleaning instructions before purchasing a rug so that you make the right choice of rug for you. Keep any tags with the cleaning instructions so you don’t make a mistake in the cleaning process.

Before purchasing a living room rug, spend time browsing online, browsing online to get some ideas of styles and types of rugs available. There are several companies online who offer a wide range of rugs to suit all occasions.  Measure the area where you will place the rug, so you’ll have an idea of how it will fit into your room. Be mindful of the color scheme of the room and the furniture pieces that will also be in the room.

There are several styles of patterned rugs from geometrical, floral, tribal, modern, and traditional design.  Colors vary and should suit all tastes, whether it’s a pop of color or a subdued tone to the room. Living room rugs come in all sizes and shapes, choose one that suits your personal style and interior design.


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