How Adding Sofary Lighting To Your Home Can Make a Difference

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When enjoying time spent at home or hosting guests and entertaining, the ambiance of your home can greatly impact your day-to-day lifestyle. Having beautiful and serene surroundings can encourage a feeling of greater luxury and serenity in day-to-day life.  In this article, we are going to look at Sofary lighting reviews, and buying Chandeliers from Sofary lighting.

It can also make an excellent first impression on visitors, friends, and family members. Decor, paint color, home furnishings, and other elements can all contribute to this ambiance and overall interior feeling.

There remain a few questions though. What ties it all together when these elements do not seem to complete the picture? What brings home, a business, or a room to the level of elegance that is truly desired when decorating or remodeling?

Answering these questions is where Sofary lighting comes into play. The lighting provided by this leading name in elegance and refinement is beautifully designed, modern, and both carefully and technically crafted.

All Sofary lighting reviews gleam with satisfaction and are easy to find online for anyone who is considering elevating their lifestyle by utilizing this unique lighting brand. When Sofary lighting is seen in your entryway, main lobby, living room, dining room, kitchen, bar, or another area, it is sure to bring a new sense of class to your surroundings and increase your social status.

Sofary lighting reviews

History on Sofary

When they were first founded in Seattle Washington, Sofary was brought into the lighting world with a few key values. These values are quality, transparency, affordability, and accountability. Its mission is to produce modern, aesthetically pleasing indoor lighting choices at the lowest cost to consumers humanly possible.

In order to do this Sofary sought out and created solutions to cut out the middlemen in the lighting production and sale process. Some of these middlemen include importers, who can add an average of $300 in consumer costs, wholesalers who can add an average of $500 in consumer costs, and stores/websites who can add an average of $800 in additional consumer costs.

These are the areas where Sofary is able to save consumers hard-earned money.

In this process, it is essential to maintain those key values, so quality is never sacrificed for cost. Likewise, transparency, affordability, and accountability are always maintained. Sofary lighting reviews are always available for potential buyers to read.

Sofary designs, crafts, and manufactures all of its consumer products in-house. These savings are passed along to customers and markups are never added. They created a simple process that cuts through industry secrets and standards to make the optimal experience for both their brand and their consumer.

Type of Lighting

Sofary lighting is split into two main categories. The first category is chandeliers. Chandeliers are categorized into five main groups by potential location. These categories are dining and kitchen chandeliers, staircase chandeliers, living room chandeliers, bedroom chandeliers, and hallway chandeliers.

Some of these chandeliers include rectangular models, luxury solar system spiral raindrop models, pyramid crystal raindrop models, crystal ring models, splendid waterfall beaded curtain models, and a variety of other lighting models that perfectly embody affordable elegance.

Under this header, they also offer ceiling lights, pendant lights, wall lights, table lights, and accessories.

Another category of lighting presented by Sofary is their contemporary lighting. This includes round modern rustic crystal models, luxury style one ring crystal models, contemporary round linear aluminum models, dream artistic crystal design models, and a variety of others.

Lighting options vary in color and include fixtures in black, brown, clear, silver, brass, chrome, colorful, and white colorway options. Price ranges include $0-$300, $300-599.99, $600-899.99, $900-$1199.99. They also have sale options.

buying chandeliers

Sofary lighting Locations

Sofary is based in the United States of America in Seattle, Washington.  Where the main office efficiently and smoothly handles daily operations and corporate initiatives. Manufacturing is performed carefully and to the highest standards in Zhongshan, China – a city which is appropriately known as the “lightning capital” of China.

Most of the technology team for Sofary is located in Shenzhen China which has been known for a long time as the “silicon valley of China”

How to Use The Sofary Lighting Website

In order to use the Sofary website, you will first access the web on the device of your choice. This could be a smartphone, tablet, laptop computer, or desktop computer. Then you open the web browser of your choice and you will type in to gain access to their site.

To shop for lighting, you will next choose a header and/or subheader to click. For example, you may choose contemporary lighting, chandelier lighting, or sale lighting from the top headers. You may also hover over those headers to choose from submenus.  Such as ceiling lights, wall and table lights, pendant lights, accessories, and chandelier style organized by room.

While browsing their site you can organize options by price, color, popularity, or style by the simple check of a box. By clicking on a selection you can find more information about the particular product and also find the button to begin your purchase process.

There are also Sofary lighting reviews available to be read for each particular product at this point in the process. Sofary lighting reviews range from one star to five stars and also include personal comments from the reviewer.

Reading the Sofary Lighting Reviews

If reading the official Sofary lighting reviews for a particular product has you ready to buy, the next step is to click on the size that you would like from the available options and to select the number of lighting fixtures that you would like to order from the drop-down menu.

If you need to double-check the Sofary lighting reviews before checking out, now is the time to do so. After tapping the large yellow button to check out you can add any notes that might be necessary and update quantities if needed.

This moves you forward to the final check out where you can provide billing and shipping information securely and apply any coupon codes that you may have in addition to Sofary’s already low prices.

lighting at home

Design Features in a Room

Design features in a room are a vital part of your home’s aesthetic and lifestyle. Remodeling can often seem like the only way to update your room or to update your home. Adding some design features like new flooring or new cabinets can be costly, difficult, loud, destructive, and time-consuming.

Sofary lighting is a great way to update your room, home, business, or other location with a minimum investment of time, money, or inconvenience. In fact, Sofary lighting reviews repeatedly mention the transformations that seemed to occur with the simple addition of a new lighting fixture.

Sofary Lighting Reviews

Sofary lighting reviews are generally positive and include detailed commentary on the customer service, quality, and aesthetics of Sofary lighting.

Testimonial from a customer named Babs states that.

“People have guessed it as costing ten times what I paid for it! It’s beautiful, whether the lights are on or not. Putting it together was not a big deal. The pieces arrived in perfect condition and the extra pieces were well appreciated.  Though luckily none were broken so the extras are on hand just in case”.

Another homeowner, Wright elaborates on his purchase.

“This piece changed our kitchen area feel. Pretty simple to build and adjust the height of the chandelier.  Just take your time and add Chrystal’s after you mount the lamp.  Be ready for tons of compliments. I feel guilty not sharing the price of this piece, especially sheet comparing to the local shop price of 3-6,000$“.

Of course, these are not the only Sofary lighting reviews available to read. Sofary lighting reviews are also available for each individual product, both by star rating and in detail.  There are lots of reviews online.

Overall for those seeking to update their lighting fixture options, Sofary can be identified as a leading option. Their value, their various options, and their sense of modern elegance make this clear. Glowing customer reviews only add to their already positive reputation.


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