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Just about every home east of the Mississippi featured interior storm windows before the invention of double-paned windows. While most homeowners went through the yearly rituals of installing them before the first frost and removing them when the last frost of the winter had passed, some left them installed year-round. The windows also provided insulation that kept the cold winter air at bay and allowed the warm furnace heat to remain inside the house.  Though not as common, storm windows have been  installed in some homes in warmer climates in order to keep the cool air from air conditioners inside and protect the interior environment from the intense outdoor heat. Many types of interior storm windows are available, and are be easily purchased at home depot or other home improvement store such as Lowe’s.

Home Depot Hurricane Screens

Home Depot Hurricane Screens

Types of Storm Windows

Regardless of size, age or brand, most windows are able to have storm windows fitted. They range from homemade ones to high-end interior storm windows available at home depot, these are made of quality glass and metal.

Plexiglass Interior Storm Windows

Plexiglass Interior Storm Windows

Homemade Storm Windows

Ready made wooden frames from a hardware store are used for constructing the homemade interior storm windows. Using  a hand-held hair dryer, plastic shrink film is heated and then stretched over the frame and secured at the edges with staples or double-sided tape. Storm-window kits are carried by some hardware stores to make this process easier.

The clips, which are specially made for this purpose are installed with a hand drill, are used to attach the finished storm windows to the existing frames.

Replacement Storm Windows Home Depot

Replacement Storm Windows Home Depot

Most Popular Windows

In the middle price range, the most popular interior storm windows are made of plastic sheets or panels and even glass, with metal or vinyl frames, which may be purchased at Home Depot and also available at most  home improvement store. They have hook-and-groove mechanisms for easy installation and removal. This option, may  be upgraded to glass or plastic that is laminated to resist breaking in stormy and/or windy weather conditions . It is a little more expensive though.

Home Depot Storm Windows

Home Depot Storm Windows

High-End Options

Though most homeowners with larger budgets opt to replace existing windows with double-paned ones thus eliminating any further need for storm windows, higher-grade glass interior storm windows with quality frames are available at home depot.

Parting Views

It is imperative they are hung exactly square with the existing windows and are properly sealed, regardless of what interior storm windows are used. However, they will not keep unwanted cold or hot air out and will not decrease energy consumption if not installed correctly.

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