Word Art for Walls

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When words are designed and displayed in an artistic manner, it could be called “Word Art”.  It can be used on everything from book covers to clothing, it is ever-present in our lives. It is possible for you to create your own word art quite easily with today’s technology, and there are many ways in which it could be used, especially word art for walls.

Word art decals for walls


By using word art, you can create signs for your walls. This might be simply something to hang up around your home, or be a sign for your business. It could be simple created by hand or with the help of a word processing program. Type the words of your choice once the program is running and the style is determined.

In which to display them, you need to select the words and choose a distinct font.

Available for download online, a variety of fonts are also allowed without problem for personal use, but might need a small fee for commercial uses. Obviously your sign must be printed off before you have it laminated or framed. The sign could be also made sturdier or larger by simply go to a print shop; use a plastic or metal background should be considered.

Painting Words On Walls


As each is part of an art form and is intended to inspire, quotations and word art for walls complement each other well. All you have to do with your favorite quotation from a book or piece of writing is type it up. Choose a font that represents the writing style and the meaning of the piece.

Draw the focus to the words; keep the font simple if the quote is direct, perhaps. For more wordy pieces, a more elegant font might be a better choice.  To hang up around your house, you can print the quotations on paper, or choose to print them on to little cue cards to be carried with you at all times.

Metal Word Art for Walls


Cut and Paste

To the similar art of scrapbooking, word art lends itself well. It is helpful to have keywords to paste throughout the pages when it comes to scrapbooking. The content and the feel should be represented by these words, which are intended to be displayed on the page.

A variety of words that can be used in collage or scrapbook art must be typed up first. If needed, emphasize the homemade feel by keeping the fonts irregular, perhaps even using different fonts in one word. Use them for cut-and-paste projects once these word art for walls has printed off, also, adding a personal touch right down to the lettering.

Wood Word Art for Walls

Clothing Design

In today’s clothing, word art is very prominent. The names of places, companies or humorous saying are often shown by some T-shirts designs. You could also design it for wear by simply typing up the word art of your choice. Then the piece must be printed onto iron-on transfer paper. A black T-shirt should be purchased to iron the design onto it; you could also use an old piece of clothing. This makes for a one-of-a-kind piece of fashion that displays your personal creativity.

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