Duron Paint Color Charts

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A member of the Sherwin-Williams business family, there are several exterior paint lines for commercial and residential purposes offered by Duron Paints & Wall coverings Company. Solids and stains suitable for use on exterior wood, concrete and masonry, are all included in Duron offerings. Duron’s numerous exterior paint formulas, have been in business since 1946, have a track record for you to review. Before purchasing a Duron exterior paint color for your home, investigate a formula’s performance, so as to give you a successful outcome. The company supply three ranges of tones for you to consider from the Duron exterior paint color chart.

Duron Interior Paint Colors

Duron Interior Paint Colors


Consider using Duron’s lightest exterior color paint chart if you have a small home, as the colors on that chart will give the impression of a much larger home. , Colors such  as Downing Sand, Classical White or Roycroft Vellum. Duron’s lightest exterior color names may sound as if they are largely neutral in appearance, however, they will make your home stand out and shine.  In order to add some vibrant pizzazz to your home’s exterior, your roofing color should be considered also when choosing the exterior color.

Duron Paint Colors Match


Either a strong warm, or cool feel may be added to your home with a mid-toned exterior paint color chart from Duron. If you are seeking a color that is a little dark but not deeply dark, Roycroft Pewter or Hammard Silver is recommended.  Several of Duron’s mid-toned exterior paint color  are zesty and bright. It is worthwhile looking at Stratford Blue or Rockford Amber if you are wanting for a paint color that will give your home eclectic curbside appeal. Though Medium-toned Duron exterior paint color charts can be either subtle or vibrant, they also tend to look dramatic when coupled with a similar toned roof.

Duron Paint Color Selection Fan

Duron Paint Color Selection Fan


Bold, deep and dark tones are all featured on the Duron’s dark exterior paint color charts. Your home could be transformed into an architectural monument by the Duron’s dark exterior paint color selection, such as Roycroft Bottle Green, Polished Mahogany, Rockwood Dark Red or Fairfax Brown. Many dark Duron paint color charts are just a shade away from being as dark as some of the darkest roofing materials on the market,  creating a dramatic home exterior with light trim requires establishing a low amount of contrast between your exterior paint color and roof color.

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