Mixing Paint to Make Colors

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The process of mixing paint to make colors is intended to get the color paint that you can’t find in a paint store. Or you do not have money to purchase the color that you need to decorate your home. To get the color that you want, you can do it yourself at home. Mixing paint is the easiest way and inexpensive alternative, to get the color you want.

To get the color that you need, there are many color options you can choose and try at home. You can use two, three, or more to get whatever color you want. But to get it right first, you must understand the fundamentals of mixing color. If you get it wrong, you will not get the color you really want.

Mixing Colors of Paint

Mixing Colors of Paint

If you want a brown color, you can follow our tips and process. With share an easy and simple way to get the color you want. In this case, we will share with you to mixing paint to make the brown color. So, read this article to get the inspiration and information when you want for mixing paint color.

Mix What Colors Make Red

Mix What Colors Make Red

Start mixing paint to make colors you want

1.  The right tools: paintbrush, a small cup of water to clean your brush, paint, color wheel, paper towels and napkins, and flat palette.

2. Get the color wheel: You need to refer to the color wheel. The color wheel is useful for determining the color you want to make different tones of brown. The color wheel will help you get the color that you want to mix. Besides that, the color wheel will help you to determine primary colors as well as secondary and tertiary colors, and help you to make the right selection.

3. Mix complementary color with one primary color:  There are many options to make a brown color. To make a brown color, red and green are a good complement. Mix both of these colors, make sure you mix them together evenly to get a brown color. If you do not have these colors, there are other options. That is blue and orange, yellow and purple.

4. Add two primary colors to one secondary color: The first step is to mix together blue and yellow paints into a green color. Make sure you mix evenly. Next, you can add red paint into green paint to make brown.

5.  Another option to get brown paints you can mix together two opposites together to make brown paint. To get a brown color, you need the color wheel. Find the opposite colors on the color wheel you have.

6.  To make chocolate milk paint you can add white paint to brown paint. With this process, you can get chocolate milk that also lightens your brown paint. Or if you want to darken your brown, you can mix with black paint into brown paint. Adding a little bit of black is enough. Do not pour too much black color because it can make your brown to dark.

7. The last option you can try is to mix together red paint with orange paint. And then add a touch of black paint. It can give you a deep brown paint.

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