How to Choose Behr Paint Colors

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To decide a paint color for our walls or a trim color to match with the wall color and the color the ceiling should be painted, is not a decision to be taken lightly. We have all stood in front of hundreds of paint color charts in the store, and usually we end up coming home with several colour charts.

But nowadays, there is a solution to that problem. Walk into any paint store or hardware store that carries Behr Paint with an idea in mind of what you are looking for and you will save yourself some time.

You are able to coordinate your walls, ceiling and trim colors together on Behr Paint’s official website, which have a virtual project center that provides you with the paint name and number. You can simply look for that name and number on the Behr Paint color chart then walk into the store and purchase your all requirements.

A Color specialist in Charlotte

A color specialist in Charlotte

So, to choose Behr Paint color, you need to follow the instructions below:

1.  First of all, connect to Behr Paint’s official website Once the page had downloaded, over on the right at the top you will see “Project Center”. A drop-down box will appear once you hold your mouse over that tab. Scroll down to find the link to ” Visualize With Color.

2.  Once the page has finished downloading.  A smaller box appears,click browse colors, and you are then able to choose which color family you are interested in from there,colors such as red’s blues, greens etc. You are able to darken or lighten the colors of your choice, once a smaller box appears and has finished the loading. Click “Coordinate” once you have chosen your main color. Two other colors will be grouped together with the main color by the Smart Behr Color Chart. Select which grouping is closest to what you are interested in.  From there those two colors are able to be fine-tuned by you. Simply click on the “Preview” tab once you have all three colors to your liking

3.  Now, you are able to either use a sample or maybe like to load your own photo. The room or the exterior may be freely selected. Click on your 3 color choice before you place them where you would like to see them applied to the room. This will allow you to select the right color for your wall and trim.

How to Choose the Right Paint Color

How to choose the right Paint Color


By using this procedure for choosing your colors.   It will eliminate the problem of discovering that the paint color is not what you expected.  This allows you to visualize what your room will look like before buying the Behr paint and bringing it home.

You can also visualize the paint color for the exterior of your home.  When using Behr Paint’s official website.  I hope this information is helpful.  For anyone who is confused about deciding the right Behr color chart and about to begin a painting project.

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  1. Cindie Ramsey says:

    I’m trying despartely to find this color. It said, Kwal-Howell
    HY2 J-10 on the can. Can you help me please?

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