Porter Paint Color Palette

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There are a variety of colors offered, that are available to complement any room by Porter Paints. Choosing matte paints, for large expanses of dark colors helps to cover blemishes on your walls. To lighten the room choose light and bright colors, and select semi-gloss or glossy paint.

For the best result, mix and match the Porter paint color palette. To define a project that incorporates furnishing, rugs, accents, wall colors and other upholstered items, homeowners are helped by Porter Paint color palette to decorate rooms with an eye catching profile.

PPG Voice of Color



By using colors reminiscent of bees, flowers and honey, the natural feeling of the kitchen may be increased. If the walls are to be painted in a luxurious golden honey color, try using Porter Paint 216-5 to stimulate the appetite. Inner window sills may also be given a depth of warm sunshine yellow with Porter Paint 117-5.

In addition, a pretty trim color that may be considered as a compliment to the room is the woodsy green of Porter Paint 313-6.

Dining Room

With a splash of vibrant burgundy, a dining room may be presented as stylish. The door of the room would be an attractive enhancement by being painted with a rich burgundy color, such Porter Paint 330-7. If there is no door to the room an option for the room is to have a feature wall and paint the windows with the same color to give the room balance. The walls may be painted with Porter Paint 314-3, the palest pinkish hue ever, with Porter Paint 117-2, creamy white on the baseboards and crown moldings.

Porter Paint Chart

Porter Paint Chart

Living Room

A living room which is filled with light and airy colors gives a sense of openness inside the room. Organic colors, stone floors, combined with natural wood would be luminous. Draw attention into the room by choosing an earthy sage green for an accent wall, Porter Paint 310-4.

For the remaining walls, the use of the mellow green tinted beige of Porter Paint 210-3, would be considered a suitable choice to compliment the room. Window sills and trim pieces may well benefit from Porter Paint 113-2, which is a creamy pale pink.

Porter Paints Historical Color Palette

Porter Paints Historical Color Palette


With the rich, organic colors of stone and wood, nature would be replicated inside the bathroom. An accent wall may be better featured in the luxurious dark gray charcoal of Porter Paint 530-7. Try outlining the inner window sills with the same color if an accent wall is featured so as to give balance to the room.

The walls would possibly be better painted with a camel slate color, such as Porter Paint 315-5 or 314-2, with the smooth chocolate Porter Paint 316-7 on your trim; and your bathroom would be completely modern and pleasing to the eye.

Porter Paint Color Samples


For a relaxing evening in the bedroom, a combination of blues should be taken into consideration. Walls painted in a decadent matte blue with Porter Paint 447-5, and inner window sills and outline trim with Porter Paint 447-7, its navy counterpart. A splash of sheer blue color may also be added to the ceiling with either Porter Paint 348-2 or even 547-2 for a finished look.


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