NuTone Bathroom Fan Parts

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The air is vented out of your bathroom by bath fans, and also through the side of your house through galvanized sheet metal ducts that runs from the fan to its vent hood. This drastically, cuts down on moisture build up and the air flow is increased. Mildew, mold and even rot are created by excessive moisture buildup in your bathroom. So if its not quickly addressed and averted, this could lead to costly repairs. Your NuTone bathroom fan parts could be installed and mounted in the attic, above your bathroom. It is small enough to fit in between the trusses.

Bathroom Fans Parts

Bathroom Fans Parts

So, to install NuTone bathroom fan parts, you must be following the instructions below:

Things you will need: Screws, Pliers, Screw gun, 6-inch-round ductwork, Elbow, snips, Pipe crimper, Metal tape, Wire nuts and Cable

665RP NuTone Bath Fan Parts

665RP NuTone Bath Fan Parts

  1. The fan housing must be taken up into your attic first. The tabs should be bended on the side of the housing by simply using pliers. The housing need to be lowered between two joists before it has positioned, so that the tabs are flat against the bottom of the joists on either side. Four screws should be inserted to be drilled into the joists, one in the lowest hole in each corner.
  2. The duct connector must be grasped tightly then alight it with the fan housing. The duct connector, on the top, should be flush with the top of the housing. The damper need to be hold closed and the duct connector must be pushed onto the housing until it snaps into place.
  3. 6-inch-round ductwork should be running from the damper to the cap. By sliding the non-crimped end over the crimped end 1 ½ inches, each length of ductwork must be connected to the previous length. Cut the ductwork with your snips where shorter lengths of ductwork are required. The one end must be crimped with your pipe crimper to allow for installation into the system.
  4. Take a metal tape to tape around all ductwork connections. Air is prevented from leaking out of the connections by this way.
  5. A power cable needs to be wired into the mount housing. Take a wire nut to attach the black wire on the cable to the black wire from the mount housing. The green wires connected with wire nuts and the white wires connected with wire nuts.
  6. Across the floor of the attic and down the wall towards the power switch, run the other end of the power cable. The black wire from the breaker box and the black wire from the power cable need to get connected to the on/off switch.
  7. The white wire from the breaker box and the white wire from the power cord must be connected with a wire nut. Also, the two green ground wires should be connected with a wire nut. All wiring must be pushed inside the box in the wall before the on/off switch is screwed onto the box.
  8. The grille should be attached to the mount housing. The finished portion that you see below the ceiling is the grille. To allow for air movement from your bathroom into the fan, it is slotted. Each spring must be pinched together and place it between the two hanging slots. Push the grille up against the ceiling until it is flush, once the spring has released.

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