What To Consider When Designing a New Bathroom

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It doesn’t matter if you have a big or small home.  The bathroom is definitely one of the rooms that get a lot of traffic.  A lot of homeowners want to invest in as many lavish fixtures and fittings as they can when designing a new bathroom.

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You really want your bathroom to be a haven.  It’s the place where you can take long baths in the tub at the end of a demanding day.  It still needs to be practical and functional for the whole family to use and enjoy.

Factors for designing your new bathroom

After determining the size and space of the bathroom, there are factors to consider be actual work can even start. We suggest the following:

The design of the bathroom

This has more to do with the project than everything else, it’s the basis on which the rest of your choices will depend. To move through this phase of the process, you should go through the following psychological exercise:-

  • Close your eyes. Picture your fantasy house: the decor, the fence, windows, doors etc.
  • In your imagination, walk through the doors, to the upstairs, to the master bedroom, and finally into your perfect bathroom. Now that definitely is your dream house.

A great bathroom can be simple; one with gleaming, all-white exteriors and brass for all the fittings. Similarly, it could be somewhat more chic, like your personal home spa. It’s your room to make your own with your personal style.

Your initial renovation budget

We cover renovation budgets a lot, as we say life is filled with the unexpected. That’s why we tell most homeowners to have a reserve fund. Most often people look at the funds sitting in their reserve fund and choose to invest it in the renovation costs. This is a total mistake.

If you make the decision to invest your emergency fund completely in your renovation project, you all but guarantee that something will go wrong during the project that will empty your account and leave you with a half-finished bathroom.

If you don’t have the money for a complete renovation in your budget right now.  Do something less drastic than a full renovation.  Resurfacing cabinets and a few new fixtures and fitting can really make a difference.  Contractors will down tools and leave the project only half-finished if you no longer have the money to pay for labor.

The building materials going to be utilized

A renovation has many different parts, like color, design, type of materials being used for the counter-tops, the faucets, floors, shower, and sink. Having a successful bathroom renovation project will be guided by two things, the financial budget and the look you want the bathroom to have.

Whether you are engaging a contractor or doing the bathroom by yourself, you want the last say as the owner on the materials to be in use for the project, but a lot will be decided by your financial plans and budget.

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