The best ways to remodel your kitchen

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The kitchen is the one place where you spend time every single day.  Wanting it to be perfect isn’t such a bad thing.  You know what I’m talking about…the old discolored tiling, the outdated appliances, the cupboards with missing handles.  Deciding to remodel your kitchen, helps in so many ways.  Improving the value of your house, encouraging you to cook more, remodeling your kitchen is an easy decision.

Every household goes through a similar scenario at some point. I wanted to write this article showing you that your kitchen does not have to be that way! These are some of the best ideas for anyone thinking about doing a kitchen remodel. Now let’s get started and turn that kitchen from drab to sanctuary!

remodel your kitchen


The first step remodel your kitchen

The first thing that people tend to focus on when remodeling is cabinets and islands. Don’t start browsing and jump on the first thing you see on sale.  The reason for this is because you need to WORK WITH THE SPACE YOU HAVE. Also, remember flat pack kitchens that a lot of hardware stores offer as designed for a certain sized space.

Not all kitchens are the same. I’m sure we’ve all seen an example of the classic mistake of having a big chunky island right in the middle of the kitchen. All this does is make the room seem smaller. You need to focus your design on opening up space, whether your kitchen is huge or tiny.

Another thing that people tend to go overboard on is details. It is best not to cover a lot of space with accents, cornices, and plaster moldings, and so on. These details are cumbersome and besides that, they cost a lot of money. It would make a lot more sense just to stick with a few good-quality basics. Remember, sometimes less is more!

Get the right appliances for your remodeled kitchen

This also applies when you are selecting your kitchen appliances. It is better to stick to fewer basic appliances than go out and buy every appliance for every task out there. All this will do is make your counters appear overcrowded. You would be much better off selecting two or three essential appliances and selecting special places on your counters for those appliances.

If you need more, they can be kept stored inside kitchen cabinets until they need to be used.

I’ve already mentioned the importance of working with the existing room.  But it’s the height of the cabinets that really matters.  The height of your kitchen should play the main role in determining how high to make your cabinets. The higher your ceiling is, the longer your cabinets can be.

Kitchen remodeling maintenance

The last thing I want to discuss with you is maintenance! Nobody wants to spend hours and hours cleaning up, right? Well, there are ways you can design your kitchen, which can actually make the cleaning a little easier.  Stainless steel looks great in the kitchen, but bear in mind that it is difficult to keep smudge-free.

Some natural surfaces like slate and brick look classy but remember that textured surfaces actually make it harder to clean.

The above are the basics to ideas to remodel your kitchen. Most of all, remember to have fun and try to make your kitchen reflect who you are, rather than a generic showroom.

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