8 Tips For Redesigning a Kitchen with a Modern Design

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Wanting to own a home is the norm for everyone in the modern world.  Renovating and remodeling your home, may not be a walk in the park you think it is.  Every room has a different purpose. Planning a modern kitchen design needs serious thought as it’s one of the busiest rooms in the house.

modern kitchen design


Technological advancement, industrialization, and urbanization factors have revolutionized modern kitchen designs. Most kitchens nowadays are multipurpose rooms, even playing the role of the laundry room in some cases.  So remodeling a residential kitchen depends on the kitchen’s other uses such as dining, food storage, entertaining, and dishwashing.

Renovating an office kitchenette is very different from renovating a residential kitchen. A modern kitchen encapsulates a culinary playground with a clean aesthetic line featuring gadgets and tools.

Try these eight tips to redesign your kitchen with a modern feel:

Exterior and interior decoration and painting

A lot of people are using architects to design a modern kitchens.  It is all about never getting a second chance to make a good first impression.  Hiring a professional kitchen renovation company will keep a “square peg in a round hole” situation at bay.

The design of a kitchen should represent your own style.  With matching kitchen interior colors, surface finishing,  carpet and rug colors, furniture, fixtures, and fittings, and paintings.

Tangerine wall color is a very common kitchen interior wall to match with yellow-green or charcoal grey colors.

design a kitchen

Kitchen carpets and rugs

Having a kitchen floor with a hard surface makes cleaning a lot easier.  Although add carpet or rugs with soft earthy, natural colors in your kitchen.  Will add silent sophistication, and quirky playfulness, and brightly energize the space.

Adding modern kitchenware to your design

It’s important to buy kitchenware that you will need and use in the kitchen.  Modern kitchenware can be categorized into cookware and bakeware :

Everyday Modern cookware includes:

  • saucepans
  • milk pans
  • sauce pots
  • roasting and casserole pans
  • frying pan and spiders
  • stockpots
  • griddles or girdles
  • Dutch ovens and woks.

Modern bake-ware involves:

  • cake pans and tins
  • bread pans
  • cookie sheets.

Clay, porcelain, stone, silicone, or borosilicate glass are common non-metallic materials for cookware.  Also, anodized aluminum, Titanium, Copper, stainless steel, carbon-coated steel, cast iron, and Cast iron with a porcelain coating,

Cookware can be used depending on the degree of heat conductivity, inertness, non-stickiness, and dishwater safety.

Basic and specialty kitchen tools and knives

There are plenty of must-have kitchen tools to have in kitchen like:

  • cutting boards
  • knives
  • spoons and spatulas
  • kitchen shears
  • mixing bowls
  • strainers and measuring cups

A lot of electric kitchen appliances are designed to be multipurpose like the Hamilton beach 10 cup food processor so you can multitask with the appliance.

Use accessories like a modern designed knife set, vegetable peelers, zesters, tree-shaped cookie cutters, and turkey basters for display.  Can be the focal point on your kitchen countertop as well as being useful.

Kitchen appliances and accessories

In any modern kitchen, you will find major and minor kitchen accessories like:

  • dish towels
  • pitchers
  • pot racks
  • potholders
  • trashcans
  • refrigerators
  • stoves and microwaves
  • range hoods
  • water dispensers
  • warming drawers.

Try to match the color of your kitchen appliances and accessories to the overall color scheme of your kitchen.  Also if you entertain a lot in your kitchen, pick bar or counter stools that match your kitchen cabinets.

Modern Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets have been a massive part of the kitchen decoration mantra. So make sure you choose the material and the finished style of a kitchen cabinet that suits you as its a reflection of self.

Depending on your budget, a person can buy laminate, wood, metal, or frosted glass stock, semi-custom, or custom-made cabinets. Natural or engineering stone kitchen counter supplement the visual appeal of your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen arrangement and layout

The kitchen layout is just as important as the kitchen accessories you choose. Always make sure the stove, refrigerator, and kitchen cabinets are positioned strategically to ensure that there is enough working space. If you have minimal countertop space, adding a kitchen island will give you more practical working space.

The basic modern kitchen designs are –

  • Single file
  • Double file
  • L-kitchen
  • U Kitchen
  • Block kitchen

Choosing modern kitchen faucets and sinks

Having the right kitchen sink is crucial to a well-designed functional kitchen. With a wide range of sink designs such as farmhouse, trough, double, or triple bowl sinks to choose from.  Some modern sink designs have additional features like hand sprays and pot fillers and even garbage disposals.

Choosing the right sink material is important.  Try matching stainless steel, quartz, or natural stone sinks to the material and quality of the fixtures and fittings.

If you are redesigning plumbing in your kitchen, hire a professional plumber to do the work.  You obviously want taps with running hot and cold water as a must in any kitchen.

A modern kitchen design should be clean, and functional with proper lighting and ventilation.  A well-designed kitchen will help to encourage you to cook more.


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