Bathroom Layouts for Small Spaces

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By carefully using all of the space and employing lighting and color techniques that make the space seem larger, a stylish and well-organized small bathroom can be enjoyed. A small bathroom is helped to be made comfortable, attractive and also functional by properly choosing elements such as the sink and tiling layout with storage in mind.

Small Bathroom Design Layout

Small Bathroom Design Layout

Maximize Sink Space

In order to determine the best bathroom layouts for small space, rather than a pedestal sink for more storage room, a vanity with a cabinet and drawers underneath the sink should be considered to be installed. While a pedestal sink has you constantly searching for a place to put a hairbrush or curling iron down while getting ready, critical counter space is also increased by a vanity.

Shelves Everywhere

Towels and extra toiletries must be stored on shelves over the toiler. Build a unit of narrow storage shelves that are approximately 7 inches from front to back, if there is any room on another wall, to maximize storage potential without taking up a lot of space. The illusion of extra space is provided by being able to see all the way to the wall, so leave the shelves open!

Small Bathroom Layout Ideas

Small Bathroom Layout Ideas

Color and Light

Give you small bathroom the illusion of space by properly using color and light. While more light is reflected by a mirror, which is hanging on the wall opposite of a vanity mirror, a skylight brightens the whole room. Contrast large, bright tiles around the bathtub or shower enclosure with dark, small tiles in the rest of the bathroom to intensify the light’s impact. Also, additionally, to accentuate particular areas, recessed ceiling lights should be considered as well. Add warmth and dimension to empty spaces by using countertop lamps and wall sconces.

Bathroom walls should be better painted with an airy, light color, such as sea foam green or light yellow. A style of wallpaper, if you are going to wallpaper your bathroom, should be chosen in neutral and airy design.

Delicate Light Fixtures

Vanity lighting fixtures that do not overwhelm a  small bathroom should be installed as well. A standard light track could be attached to the back of the vanity mirror, and make it floats about 1 inch away from the wall by simply hanging the mirror. For an airy look, which still provides adequate lighting, snap gooseneck lights into the track, which is including the most common used of bathroom layouts for small spaces.


Outfit Showers

If you are little bit confused about the placement of necessary things, adequate storage for things such as soap, shampoo, and shaving cream and also razors should be provided in the shower or bathtub, so you do not have to find a place for them in the bathroom. When tilling the walls, it is much better a niche is included in your consideration to be installed, or perhaps you prefer to purchase an organizer that fits over the shower head.

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