7 Step for the Perfect Arts and Crafts Bathroom Cabinet

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If you want the perfect Arts and Crafts Bathroom Cabinet follow these seven steps.

Many bathrooms come furnished with a medicine cabinet in place because it is the traditional place to store cosmetics and medicine. Building a cabinet from scratch is a viable do-it-yourself project if you are looking to update yours or install one into a recessed cavity in your wall.

So making a recessed art and craft medicine cabinet is an ideal way to build a unit that fits your space perfectly.  No matter what type of bathroom design you might have

Pick One of Arts and Craft Bathroom Cabinets Bathroom Design

To make a perfect arts and crafts bathroom cabinet, try the following 7 steps:

Things you will need:

  • Tape measure
  • Rotating saw
  • 1-by-3 grade A oak plywood sheet
  • 1-by-4-inch lumber
  • 1-by-3 inch lumber
  • 2-inch wood nails
  • 2-inch self-closing hinges
  • Hand saw
  • Drill and bit set

Arts and Crafts Cabinet and Furniture Makers

Follow these 7 steps

Step 1

The first thing you should have done is measure the dimensions of the plywood sheets and 1-by-4 lumber for the space in your wall. Cut a piece of plywood to the dimensions of the space by simply using the rotating saw, and then this is the rear of the cabinet wall.

To make the cabinet door, another piece of the plywood sheet needs to be cut 2 inches wider and longer than the rear wall. For instance, the cabinet door must be 2.16-by-4.16 feet if the rear wall measures 2-by-4 feet.

Step 2

The four pieces of lumber should be measured and cut to alight with the plywood edges. For instance, two slabs of lumber measure 2 feet, and the other two slabs measure 4 feet.  If the sheet measures 2-by-4 feet. Then these become the edges or sidewalls of the cabinet.

Step 4

To create the outer walls of the cabinet frame, the 1-inch edges of the four pieces of lumber must be aligned with the plywood sheet. To attach the pieces of wood, nails must be inserted from the back of the plywood and into the 1-inch edge of the lumber.

Step 5

The width of the inner cabinet walls is super important.  Make sure you measure twice for where you fit the shelves.  You will cut the 1-by-3 lumber with the measurement you took.  Cut one slab for each shelf. For instance, make each slab 1-by-3.  The same length if the width of the cabinet is 1 foot, 10 inches.

Step 6

The first 1-by-4 could be positioned in the cabinet now. And also, two wood nails must be driven from the outer cabinet wall into each side of the lumber. To attach each shelf, repeat the steps.

Step 7

The drill bit should be matched to the screws included with the hinges. Depending on how you want to open the cabinet door.  Attache the drill bit to the drill.  Then bore the hinge holes into the left or right side of the cabinet side.  In order to make sure that the door opens properly before fitting.  Make sure you don’t have any obstructions in the way.

There you go seven simple steps for the perfect arts and crafts bathroom cabinet every time.

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