Planning a Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation

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If your already a homeowner, or looking to buy a home or unit to live in.  Unless you are buying brand new, you will be buying an existing property.  This is exciting because it gives you a chance to do a little kitchen and bathroom renovation to improve the value of your home.

Renovating these two key rooms, will without a doubt be one of the most expensive room renovations you undertake in your home.  It’s very easy to get it wrong and blow out your budget, so follow these five tips to ensure your success.

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation

Start with the 6 P’s

Prior planning prevents piss poor performance

That saying is an old favorite, a lot of people get excited after watching the latest TV renovation program that’s is on and start tearing their kitchen or bathroom out, before giving any consideration to what they want to achieve.

We’ve even heard of people taking out their kitchens and bathrooms, and taking several years to do finish the project, so they have to cook on a gas top or use the next-door neighbor’s bath.

Planning is where it starts, spend as much time planning what you want to do with your kitchen and bathrooms before you start.

DIY or using subcontractors

With the TV Reality renovation craze it’s very easy to get sucked into thinking it’s easy and you can Do It You Self.  Think this through, do you have the skills necessary to remove a bath or kitchen and replace it.  Or even redesigning one of those key rooms.

If you don’t feel comfortable removing a bath and replacing plumbing, leveling the floor, and installing a new bath. Then use a professional plumber.  Using a professional might cost a little bit more upfront but they will save you a lot of money.  Try calling them in halfway through the project, to tear it out and start again, see what that costs.

kitchen renovation

What’s the budget

This is one area that most people fail in,  Having enough money to complete the project.  Read point one again, PLANNING.  This means not only what you want to do, but how much you have to spend to do it.  Always add 10 percent on top for the little things that often go wrong.

What kitchen and bathroom renovation style do you want?

Renovating can be fun and really rewarding, but you need to consider the style.  Just because you like bright pink, doesn’t mean the next person that buys that home will.  So if you are looking to flip the property quickly, then think about style and colors, stick to neutrals.

What about the kitchen and bathroom accessories

Great so your knee-deep in your renovation project, and you forgot to consider the accessories you need.  There is no point in making room for your fridge in your new kitchen cabinets if your fridge doesn’t fit. So measure twice cut once.

These are five really simple things to consider if you are going to do a kitchen and bathroom renovation, just remember the 6 p’s will save you a lot of time and money.

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