4 Perfect Design Soaking Tubs for Small Bathrooms

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It can be a challenge for homeowners with limited space to create a bathroom that is luxurious, relaxing, and functional. However, it does not mean you have to give up the idea of installing a soaking tub if your bathroom is small.  Soaking tubs for small bathrooms are much deeper than a standard tub.

soaking tubs for small bathrooms

Soaking tubs for small bathrooms

What is a soaking tub?

Perfect for small bathrooms designs, a small bathtub will generally measure less than 60 inches. Although it’s still the perfect size for the average person to enjoy a decent relaxing soak.

There are three things you really want to consider when being a soaking tub for a small bathroom.

Bathtub Size

Yes, they are small in design, but still, measure where you want them to go.  It’s pointless to buy something get it home and find out that you can make it fit where you want.  So make sure you measure length, width, and depth.

Bathtub installation

Your bathroom will dictate this.  Is it a built-in alcove, do you need a drop-in model, what about a standalone bathtub ?.  Talk to a professional they will help.

What special features do you want?

Yes, a soaking tub can have plenty of features.  Do you want jets, maybe a walk-in?  The features you want will dictate the price.

How soaking tubs for small bathrooms work

While comfortably reclining against the back of the tub.  You have the luxury of being able to submerge your body in the water without the necessity of sliding down into the tub in an awkward and uncomfortable position.

Corner soaking tubs

The corner of your small bathroom is ideal for a corner tub. This small bathroom soaking tub design gives the appearance of being fancy and luxurious whilst taking up less space, an important consideration in a small bathroom.

When positioned in the corner and taking up less visual space, corner tubs make the bathroom appear more spacious. Additionally, due to the corner position of the tub, more space is available for vanity and storage and maybe a seat.

Claw-Foot soaking tubs for small bathrooms

Bathtubs come in a variety of styles, an antique look to your small bathroom may also be added by Claw-foot tubs. Like corner tubs due to the freestanding tub design, this type of soaking tub takes up less visual space.

You can turn your claw-foot tub into a shower using add-ons.  Which can eliminate the need for a separate shower and save more space. Reclining ends on both sides with a drain in the center may be included in this tub.  Which would create a comfortable soaking tub for two. Another alternative is a drain in one end with a reclining design on the other end.

Deep Bathtubs

Regular acrylic bathtubs come in smaller dimensions and varying depths, allowing them to fit into a small bathroom, this type of soaking tub for small bathrooms is readily available at home improvement and warehouse stores.

You can choose a tub that will fit in your small bathroom and still meet your needs, by choosing the right type of deep bathtub. Extra options are available in some tubs to create the bathing experience you desire, such as the option of whirlpool jets.

Bathtubs for Small Bathroom

Bathtubs for Small Bathrooms

Walk-in soaking bathtubs

You can utilize this kind of soaking tub for small bathrooms, as you literally walk into the tub.   There is a door on the side making them about the same size as a standard walk-in shower.  Walk-in bathtubs take up much less room than traditional soaking tubs.

A seat is included in most models. However, you have to actually be in the tub before running the water.  Then wait until it is fully drained before you can exit the tub.  Which is the main drawback of walk-in soaking tubs.

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