Full Spectrum Light Bulbs From Home Depot

Products labelled as “daylight” also known as “full-spectrum” light bulbs.  They have identical properties to cheaper cold-white fluorescent bulbs and are manufactured to cater to our preferences for natural light. However, “full-spectrum” is not a technical term.

Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

Learn about full-spectrum light bulbs from Home Depot

To produce purified light that is bright white.  You need full-spectrum bulbs, which are available from Home Depot.  These types of bulbs are energy-efficient bulbs that absorb the yellow and other dulling components from visible light, they are also long-lasting.

What are full-spectrum bulbs made from?

Neodymium is a naturally rare earth element used to make the bulb’s glass.  Buzz-eliminated at operation, electronic ballast also ensures flicker-free light, which is also used to make full-spectrum bulbs.

Changes in glass colour under different light conditions are caused by the soft silvery metal of Neodymium, which filters out the yellow component that is present in the light spectrum and produces purified light that has almost the same quality as the naturally occurring white daylight.

Most lights emit a buzz as they start up, but full-spectrum bulbs don’t. This bulb also protects the eyes from strain-producing glares because they have a parabolic light diffuser. It can help to treat the Seasonal Affective Syndrome, and also reduces brightness.

Full-spectrum light bulbs, which are often brought from the Home Depot, have a high colour rendering index. The quality of natural sunlight is approached by an index of 100 CRI, guarantees light.

Full Spectrum Fluorescent

The majority of full-spectrum products are fluorescent, while some incandescent bulbs are now called a full spectrum. Most “full-spectrum” incandescent products are producing a whiter light, which filters out yellows and reds. They are standard high-wattage light bulbs with tinted glass and may be purchased at Home Depot or another home improvement store such as Lowe’s.

Home Depot Light Bulbs Daylight

Qualities of the lights

As well as a high colour-rendering rating for fluorescent, full-spectrum bulbs typically have a cold-white colour that mimics bright midday sun. However, the exact meaning of “full-spectrum” will vary between manufacturers, and the term has also no clear definition.

Health and light therapy

A wide variety of health benefits is due to promotional materials of full-spectrum light bulbs, such as improved vitamin D absorption and reduced dental decay. But full-spectrum does not provide any more health benefits than other artificial light sources, according to the Lighting Research Center.

You can treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with prolonged exposure to an extremely bright full-spectrum fluorescent source,  studies remain inconclusive. There has been no proof that using full-spectrum light bulbs helps SAD.

Psychology under the lights

Regarding the possible psychological benefits, studies of full-spectrum lighting have been inconclusive. Test subjects will always be aware of changes to their lighting environment, which is noted by The National Research Council of Canada, making it difficult to control for a placebo effect.

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