When is The Best Month and Time to Buy Furniture?

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When is The Best Month and Time to Buy Furniture?

what is the best month to buy furniture

Furniture stores have certain periods during the year where existing furniture prices are slashed significantly to make space for new pieces, much like the other retailers. You can utilize this opportunity to purchase the furniture you need at inexpensive prices.

Basically, furniture clearance sales open seasonally. So, the best times of the year when you can expect to see the furniture of year choice go on sale are spring, summer, fall, and winter. However, the exact dates and moths vary. In order to find out the specifics, you should check with the store’s sales advertisements.

best time to buy furniture

According to the Vice President of the American Home Furnishing Alliance, Jaclyn Hirschhaut says that the best month to buy furniture is typically January or July. In order to make room for new arrivals, furniture stores will slash prices on older merchandise, since new furniture styles hit the showroom floor twice a year in February and August.

However, many people though that the best month to buy furniture is February. In spring, new furniture designs will hit the furniture stores. Dan Butler, Vice President of Retail Operations at the National Retail Federation says that retailers are clearing out the older styles of existing furniture to make room. You can save from 30 to 60 percent off.

Even so, there are a few furniture clearance times that you can always rely on for the best experience of furniture shopping.

The Beginning of the Year is The Best Time to Buy Furniture

You can expect to see sales all round, when a new year beckons. The beginning of the year sales do not just run for a week or two, so this is one of the best things about beginning of the year sales. You can get the opportunity to snatch up new styles first with affordable prices.

The best time to buy furniture

Holidays are the Best Time for Furniture Shopping

During the holiday season, there are great sales on all types of merchandise. There are sales galore, from Black Friday through the Christmas. However, the furniture stores also tend to run special prices in national holidays, such as Columbus Day, President’s Day, Labor Day, and more.

More Tips for Best Month and Timing to Buy Furniture

When is the best time to buy furniture

When deciding to buy furniture, there are a few other important things to take into consideration.

  1. Furniture Shopping Early in the Day

You need to know the best times to go, if you want to get the furniture you desire at a great price. The best time to shopping is when a store first opens. Before the store opens, new merchandise is often put out and allows you to see it in its best state. Another good time is just before a store closes. At the end of the day, the salesmen are more likely to give deals.

  1. Make Purchase Wisely

When deciding to purchase furniture, finding a great sale is only one thing you need to consider. Purchasing furniture is a commitment, it cannot be returned easily. So, do not be blinded and just grab anything by the allure of a great sale.

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