How to Create Your Own House Plan with Ashley Furniture Room Planner

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When you want to create your own house plan, and you do not have to be an architect. There is plenty of user-friendly, free room planner software available online.  Were you can customize a room plan and then print the result. Ashley Furniture Room Planner is one of the right room planner software you should try.

How to Create Your Own House Plan with Ashley Furniture Room Planner

With prebuilt plans for the living room, bedroom, home office, dining room, and kids room, you can try Ashley Furniture Room Planner. Or you can customize and build your own living room, bedroom, kids room, home office, and dining room.

Here is the instruction to use Ashley Furniture Room Planner. Let’s check this out!

ashley furniture room planner


Instruction to operate the Room Planner

1. In order to create your own house plan for free, you should choose a program. You can pick a program that offers a free download or choose a program that allows you to work right within your browser.

Ashley Furniture Room Planner is one of the best room planner software that will work through your browser. Visit their website at Click “Ashley Room Planner”

2. You will be directed to the next page. On the next page, click “online Ashley Room Planner” to make your own room plan. Wait until the loading process ends.

3. There are two easy ways to get started. You can open an example design from their gallery. When choosing this way, there are several options of room available include

  • Bedroom,
  • Bedroom (22’ x 15’),
  • Dining Room,
  • Dining Room (21’ x 13’),
  • Home Office,
  • Home Office (17’ x 14’),
  • Living Room,
  • Living Room (20’ x 16’),
  • Kids Bedroom,
  • Youth Bedroom (15’ x 12’).

Or, you can also create your own plan. There are two options, enter the dimension or start with a basic shaped room. You can also choose the shape and template of your room.

Making the templates work

4. When choosing the room design from the Room Planner gallery, you will get a room template with furniture and a door. But, when creating the design your own plan you should fill the template with furniture.

There is some symbol furniture include living room, bedroom, youth bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, home office, entertainment center, game room, tables, lighting, rugs, and also plants.

5. There are some basic tools at Ashley Furniture Room Planner include selection tool, hand tool, wall tool, text tool, dimension tool, photo tool, zoom in the tool, and fit to view. With these tools, you can edit the room plan to make it as fit as possible with your room.

You can use hand tools to move the door, window, and furniture. Then you can add a wall by using a wall tool. You can also add descriptions with the text tool. There are also some options such as New, Save, Print, Share, and Undo.

6. Make sure the room plan is close to what you want. If necessary, you can save the room planner. You can also print it as a guide when decorating your room.

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