Victorian Kitchen Design Cabinets

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Victorian-styles homes flourished in the 19th century after the Civil War in America. Victorian kitchens don’t have the conveniences that modern kitchen have,like running water and electricity. Fortunately Victorian -style d kitchen have the  potential to be modernized with new modern cabinets and up to date appliances.

Victorian Kitchens

Victorian Kitchens

Cabinets and Counter tops

In a Victorian kitchen design, the cabinets need not have the  built-in look, with a collection of cupboards, tables and an odd style pantry the Victorian style is produced. The Victorian kitchen design cabinets’ depths may vary from deep to shallow and preferably, the bottom cabinets should have legs.  It would be unusual in a Victorian kitchen to having natural wood or a light stain such as chestnut, birch, elm, oak or cherry, the color and quality of the finish produces the desired effect of Victorian.

The use of up to three colors would be acceptable. The use of wall cabinets in Victorian kitchen design is typical of the era, or if desired, they may  be replaced with open wall shelves. The Victorian design on the cabinets is typically raised panel and flat tops with applied moldings and beading,  the doors of Victorian kitchen design cabinets should be ornate. The Victorian style counter tops were typically zinc-plated steel, wood or marble. Using this as an idea, have some wood, some marble and some stone, as a mix and match counter-top option.  Utilizing a tall table with a chopping block on  top in place of an island, is also a Victorian idea..

Modern cabinets may also be used as Victorian kitchen design cabinets, there are some that reflect the design trends of of the Victorian era but are generally modern and, comes in a variety of color sand  materials.


Though modern appliances are usually preferred in modern kitchens, they may look out of place in Victorian kitchen design. Special measures are required to hide them when not in use. Smaller appliances are able to be stowed away in Victorian kitchen design cabinets, however appliances such as the dishwashers, refrigerators and other larger appliances are more problematic. They are able to be hidden behind panels that will match with the Victorian kitchen  cabinets design.

Victorian Kitchen Design Cabinets

Victorian Kitchen Design Cabinets

Walls and Flooring

Antique white or other light colors should be used for the walls in the Victorian kitchen. A clean, fresh look is provided by light colors. For flooring, true linoleum or plank wood, of random widths, are both options to be  considered. The modern idea of using  laminate flooring that is simulated to look like wood, brings the past into the present.

Victorian Kitchen Cabinets

Victorian Kitchen Cabinets

Window Stencil

Window stencils of Victorian style lace panels,that give a traditional kitchen grace and charm,may also be used. A lace pattern is drawn on a piece of stencil cardboard, the pattern is then  cut out and secured  with tape on to  a clean window. Mask off a 20-inch area around the window  using masking tape and brown paper. White enamel car paint may be used to spray the window, before removing the stencil, ensure that the paint is completely dry.

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