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More accurately Ultraviolet (UV) lighting, black light bulbs are created by exposing UV sensitive materials to a narrow band or spectrum of invisible light waves. Some materials such as paint pigments are invisible until exposed to the UV spectrum.  You can get black light bulbs at home depot.

The materials glow or fluoresce when struck by the specific light waves. Blacklight bulbs are available at Home Depot and other lighting stores and often at department stores when it comes to Halloween and I bet you are probably most familiar with the black light tubes and bulbs found in general retail stores nearly your living areas.

You can rent or buy Black Light Bulbs

A wide variety of UV, black light bulbs fixtures are available for rent and sale. 

As they are called in theatre, UV fixtures, black light bulbs could also be called instruments. Though most of their energy is spent in the heat and the filaments produce very little of the UV spectrum, these are not industrial grade lamps. Short throw light distances and low wattage make them almost useless.

Blacklight Flashlight Home Depot

Blacklight Flashlight Home Depot

How does it work?

Actually, UV comes from the invisible part of the light spectrum, which could be freely chosen at Home Depot in about 280 to 400 nanometers black light bulbs; it is beyond the colour violet seen by the human eye.

Actually, a purplish glass is used by incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes, which filters out much of the unwanted light allowing only certain wavelengths to escape (violet and ultraviolet). However, to provide total darkness to the human eye, they do not filter enough of visible light.

Newer, more UV is produced by specialized lamps, and also reduce the level of unwanted visible light wavelengths, which this kind of black light bulbs is recently available at Home Depot.

Black Light Bulbs Lowe's

Black Light Bulbs Lowe’s

UV Effects Ideas from Black light Bulbs at Home Depot

The performers are virtually invisible in a theatrical presentation performed in theatre blacks against a black background. Only the items such as props, costumes, make-up and puppets made up of fluorescent materials are visible and by veiling or unveiling them in black cloth, it could appear and disappear at random.

A variety of black light bulbs’ effects are also used by Disney in stage shows involving puppets. You could just go through at YouTube to see the videos of these shows.

Dancers, which are wearing fluorescent clothing and make-up, in the dark are involved by the stage show or say drummers performing on various percussion instruments are effective uses of UV. Florescent tapes and drumstick made of glow-in-the-dark fibreglass could be highlighting the instruments.

All type of glow-in-the-dark materials is also activated by UV light. For instance, “Blue Man Group drumming with paint” could be typed into YouTube.

Home Depot Light Bulbs Fluorescent

Home Depot Light Bulbs Fluorescent

Use Your Imagination for black light bulbs

Fluorescent materials are also provided by Wildfire, UVFX and a number of effects houses in the form of liquids, streamers, flexible PVC tubing, plastic beads and the like. To utilize these products, use your imagination and come up with more creative ways.

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