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Primarily, high-pressure sodium light home depot fixtures are used for indoor gardening and even outdoor security lighting. They are producing intense light without a high rate of energy consumption, which means efficiency.

Around 100 lumens per watt are emitted in most high-pressure sodium light home depot fixtures. The light fixture itself is constructed of a high-pressure sodium bulb and electronic ballast that ignites the bulb.

High Pressure Sodium Light Bulbs Home Depot

HPS light bulbs from home depot

There are five specific things that need to be considered when you are buying HPS light bulbs from home depot.


By exciting the sodium held inside, light is given off by high-pressure sodium bulbs home depot. An electrical current is sent through each side of the bulb to initiate this chemical reaction. The amount of current that is allowed to flow through the bulb is regulated by the ballast, which keeps the light at a consistent level.


The light, which is produced by a high-pressure sodium bulb home depot, is bright and makes it easy to distinguish objects and colors. High-pressure sodium light home depot fixtures are made as a good choice for security lights in areas where visibility is important this.

Because they create light that is near the red end of the color spectrum, high-pressure sodium lights home depot is also useful in hydroponic gardening. During the flowering phase, plants are helped develop more growth by this type of light.


From small 150-watt outdoor bulbs to the powerful 1000-watt bulbs that are used in large-scale hydroponic gardening, high-pressure sodium light home depot fixtures are available in various sizes, which you only need to find the right ones. High-pressure sodium bulbs home depot is smaller than metal halide bulbs, even at high wattage, making them a convenient option for gardens in small spaces.


However, the amount of heat produced is the main problem with high-pressure sodium lighting. Though this is not usually an issue for outdoor use, it could be devastating inside a hydroponic gardening setup. Cooling fans maybe even required besides the garden area which is must be well ventilated to keep the temperature down.

Especially, this is important in areas where it is hot in the summer. When it is so much hotter outside, it will be even more difficult to keep your indoor temperature under control.

Plants in the vegetative growth phase could be caused to sprawl out because the light emitted by a high-pressure bulb home depot is mostly on the reddish end of the spectrum.

High-Pressure Sodium Light Fixtures


Bluer spectrum light is emitted in some of the newer high-pressure sodium light home depot fixtures, which is designed to improve their suitability for indoor gardening. While it can even out the imbalance enough.  Which will allow you to use the same high-pressure sodium light fixture during all phases of plant growth.

This does not equal the amount of blue light produced by a metal halide bulb. Plant exposed to these balanced lights will not stretch out as much.  As those that are entirely under a standard high-pressure sodium bulb.

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