How to Paint Particle Board Furniture with Laminate Coating

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Particleboard furniture can sometimes require some sprucing up to bring it back to life. Painting is one option that is affordable and easy to achieve.  If you have particleboard furniture that is beginning to look a little tired and sad.  Then latex paint is the most appropriate paint to use under a coat of laminate coating. Let’s go through the process of how to paint particle board furniture.

How to Paint Particle Board Furniture

The laminate coating acts as a protective outer coating and protects it from damage to moisture. The laminate coating gives a quality finish to your particleboard furniture. Before any successful painting can begin, preparation is important. Be sure all the supplies needed are readily available.

How to Paint Particleboard Furniture

How to Paint Particleboard Furniture

 What you need to be successful

  1. Bucket
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Cloth
  4. Dishwashing detergent
  5. 100-grit sandpaper
  6. Drop cloth
  7. Tack cloth
  8. 3-inch flat paintbrush
  9. Latex primer
  10. Tack cloth
  11. Latex polyurethane sealer (matte or glossy finish)
  12. Latex paint
How do you Paint Particleboard Furniture

How do you Paint Particleboard Furniture

Instructions on how to paint particle board furniture

Use a screwdriver to remove the particle board item from the rest of the furniture. Before the painting process starts,  remove the shelves and drawers from the furniture.

  • Use warm water and dishwashing detergent and fill the bucket.  Dip the clean cloth into the soapy water and thoroughly wash down the furniture surfaces. Use clean water to rinse away the soap residue. Leave the furniture to dry completely dry before beginning the painting process.
  • Use 100-grit sandpaper to carefully sand every surface of the furniture so as to scuff the surfaces of your furniture, it makes them rough thus giving a better surface on which to apply the paint.  The primer adheres better to a  coarse surface.
  • In order to remove the sanding dust, use the tack cloth to wipe the entire piece of furniture.
  • Keep your floor surfaces clean by placing the furniture onto the drop cloth.
  • Prepare the latex primer and dip the paintbrush into it, and paint the primer in a thin and even layer. Thoroughly coat the furniture with the primer by working in steady even strokes.
  •  To make sure that the latex paint adheres perfectly to the prime,  allow the primer to dry completely and cure for at least one week before applying the final coat.
  • Dip the paintbrush into the latex paint and apply in steady even strokes, ensuring there is a  thin even layer over the complete surface.  If necessary,  a second coat may be applied after allowing the first paint layer to dry thoroughly for at least one or two days.
  • Either a matte or glossy finish may be achieved by sealing the latex layer of your furniture by applying the latex polyurethane sealer over the top in a thin and even layer. Leave the polyurethane sealer to perfectly dry.
  • When the painted surfaces have dried thoroughly, it is then time to replace the shelves and drawers by re-screwing it back to the rest of the furniture.
  •  The finished look will be bright and clean and have a fresh look about it.
How to Paint Laminate or Particleboard Furniture

How to Paint Laminate or Particleboard Furniture


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