Behr Paint Color Chart

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You might think that choosing a color to paint the walls of a room and trim to match may be difficult.  Particularly if you are unsure just what color to choose. Selecting a ceiling color is also important as they all should compliment each other.  Don’t worry the Behr paint color chart makes it very easy to do.

Behr paint color chart

How the Behr Paint Color Chart makes it easy to choose

Many of us have stood in front of a color chart range and have been confused.  Generally, the best solution is to choose just a few color charts to take home.  That way you have the freedom to select the right color ambience for your home.

Home Depot Behr Paint Color Chart

Home Depot Behr Paint Color Chart

In this modern-day, there is an easier solution to the problem. Any paint store hardware store that carries the Behr Paint range is the right place to start looking for all your requirements.

To give yourself the best opportunity to choose the right color for you, visit Behr Paint’s official website. This site has a virtual project centre that provides you with a multitude of color choices with the paint name and number.

Then when you walk into a store that carries Behr paint range.  All you need to do is quote the name and number from the color chart, and you are ready to begin your project.

Simple instructions to follow when choosing a paint color:

  • First of all, visit the Behr Paint’s official website Over on the right on the top, you will see “Explore Colors” once the page loads. A drop-down box will appear when you hold your mouse over that tab. You are looking for “Color Smart”,  located to the right.
  • Click on the “Explore colors” tab,  then simply choose the color family that you are interested in, tones in blues, reds, greens, etc. You are able to darken or lighten the color you have chosen by choosing the ” explore ” tab.
  • Click on the “Visualize Colors” tab once you have chosen your main color. Two other colors will be grouped together with the main color by the  Smart Behr Color Chart. Select the grouping that is close to what you are interested in from there,  those two colors may be fine-tuned by you. Simply click on the “Preview” tab once you have all three colors to your liking.
  • Now, you can either use a sample photo, or perhaps load your own photo to visualize the effect. The room or the exterior may be selected. Your 3 colors need to be clicked on before you place them where you want them in the room, the main color on the wall, and the trim where you wish to have that.
color chart interior paint

Color chart for Interior Paint

Tips and warnings for using the website 

 Using the website, allows you to find the right paint color and highlights mistakes of wrong color choice. Thus giving you a way to see what everything will look like before buying the Behr paint.

Behr Paint’s official website allows you to visualize the color scheme for either the interior or exterior of your home.  We hope this information is helpful to anyone making a color choice.

We wanted to encourage people to use the Behr paint color chart before beginning any painting project.

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