How kitchen cabinet refacing can save you money

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If your kitchen is looking tired and old and you’re a bit strapped for cash, rather than replacing the whole thing try to reface the cabinets. Kitchen cabinet refacing Is quite an easy project to undertake and will save you money.

The quickest and cheapest way to reface the cupboard doors and drawers in the kitchen is to paint them yourself.

If the doors and drawers are laminated then ordinary household paint won’t work. Use Laminate paint which is available in a wide range of colors and is able to be tinted to suit the color any scheme.

kitchen cabinet refacing

Prep and Drying Time

There is a fairly long period of drying time between coats so be sure to allow plenty of time to complete the project. Give the doors and drawers a light sanding before applying the undercoat. Leave to dry thoroughly before applying the topcoat.

Seek advice from your local paint retailer or hardware outlet as to the appropriate paint to use so that you get a professional finish to the job. This method will save you a considerable amount of money.

New timber Veneers

A timber-look may be the way you want to go. A timber veneer is able to be applied over the top of the existing doors and drawers and a matching edging tape is then applied to finish them off. If the drawers aren’t moving as well as they should, then replace the existing runners with new ones.

They are available at the local hardware outlets. If the existing doors are timber then they may respond well to refinishing. That is sanding them down ready for an application of a color stain or just re-lacquer them.

Perhaps they are beyond repair and need to be replaced completely. Then the hinges need to be replaced as well, so be sure to take an old one with you when purchasing the doors to ensure the holes match up.

Consider the Cabinet Handles

To complete the refacing of the kitchen cabinets then it’s time to consider the kitchen cabinet handles. To save you money reuse the existing ones, however, If choosing to replace the existing ones then ensure the new ones have the same space between the holes for the screws. it is an idea to take an old one with you when shopping for replacements so that you can measure the spacing.

There are a wide variety of handles available on the market ranging from stainless steel, post and rail handle antique contemporary, and modern. It’s all a personal choice.

new kitchen cabinet refacing


Now that we’ve dealt with the doors and drawers let’s turn our attention to the benchtop. If you have an existing timber benchtop and are happy with that, then is just as easy to give it good sand back, wipe it down and apply the color stain, then when that is dry, apply a two-pack polyurethane finish to it.

Faux granite Look

A less expensive way to reface the benchtop without replacing it with a granite top.  Is to actually give it a faux granite look. This process however takes about three days to complete, but well worth the effort and will save you money.

The benchtop must be washed thoroughly with an alcohol-based cleaner and allowed to dry before masking the surrounding surfaces. Paint the top with primer and allow to dry for at least four hours, overnight would be preferable.

Pour three colors of metallic paint into three separate paper plates.  Then using a natural sponge for each color, pat the paint over the countertop until the surface is covered. Allow drying for at least eight hours. Apply three coats of sealer allowing four hours of drying time between each coat.

To give it a professional look, apply a thin line of silicone caulk around the sink. You will have to allow it to air dry for thirty-six hours. This may be time-consuming but it will save you money on replacing the benchtop.

Kitchen cabinet Refacing is a really simple project.  It’s something that can save you money and it is relatively easy to do.  As far as a DIY reno project this would be one of the easier ones.

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