Making the Best out of your kitchen furniture

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If you think kitchens are just for cooking, think again.  Depending on your lifestyle, the kitchen may be where you welcome family and friends for entertaining, or somewhere that you are able to help the children with their schoolwork while you cook.  Whatever the reason, it’s important to have a well laid out comfortable room with the appropriate kitchen furniture that will function well whatever the occasion.

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Practical Kitchen Furniture ideas to use in your kitchen

Countertops can have a dual purpose, they can serve as a preparation area or used as a dining facility. Add a few stools on one side and you will have an excellent area for a breakfast bar. Kitchen furniture need not necessarily be big and cumbersome, a small round table and some stools may be more suitable. It all depends on the size of the room.

Naturally in a kitchen, a lot of cooking takes place, so an open shelf to house recipe books and maybe coffee table books would be an advantage. This area may be situated under the counter where the stool is placed. It’s out of the way but still accessible. The addition of a butcher’s block on wheels to any kitchen would be an advantage as it is mobile and able to be positioned in any area when required.

Using multi-purpose kitchen counters for storage

One important furniture item that should be in every kitchen is a pantry, one large enough to house supplies for a large family or maybe for a smaller family who likes to utilize it as a storage area as well.  Overhead cupboards are an excellent way to save space. They are up high and out of the road.

A wine storage rack built-in at the end of a bench is another space-saving idea. If the kitchen is big enough, a large table positioned correctly functions well.  If space is of a premium then utilizing a benchtop as the eating area is just as practical.

Be mindful of where the refrigerator is positioned. it really needs to be set in so that you aren’t bumping into it all the time. Having a side opening oven door is another practical idea and is a safer option than a pull-down one as there is no chance of tripping over it.

Installing kitchen furniture


Sinks, windows, and walls

A double sink is also an asset in any kitchen. Window ledges are excellent places for herbs to grow. A whiteboard mounted on one wall would be a useful addition for messages and reminders.

If the room is large enough, the addition of a butler’s pantry would suit the family who entertains a lot. It houses additional cupboard space as well as an extra sink.  Add in a garbage disposal unit as it is an excellent way of disposing of food scraps.

Before planning any renovation, always talk to your local council about and restrictions on what you can do.

It is important when furnishing your kitchen to have the best advice possible. There are many on-line kitchen companies that are only too happy to help with your furnishing design. By browsing through the internet you will find a large range of ideas and options available to you.


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