Catnapper Furniture Dealers and How you Can Make Money

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If you are looking for a good way to make extra money consider selling furniture as a side business. As a full-time business, selling furniture may also be profitable. People are always in need of home furnishings, whether it is tables, sofas, beds, or chairs.

How to Be Catnapper Furniture Dealers

The buying and selling part is routine.    Once you learn the basics and about how to acquire various brand name items.   Before the actual process of buying and selling furniture, it is important that everything is processed legally.

Who Sells Catnapper

Why Should Catnapper Furniture?

Catnapper Furniture has been focusing on living room furniture for over 75 years, adding other items along the way. They have been specialists in comfortable, fashionable recliners and sofas and also professionally designed rugs and tables which complement their seating products.

Catnapper is a product brand name, and Jackson Furniture is their corporate name. They have expanded and grown their product line in step with America’s evolving lifestyle over those 75 years.

They have a designer living room collection to match any style from home theater to formal living rooms, from lift chairs to accent chairs, from digital music systems, and top grain leather to soft chenille pieces

Jackson Furniture has always focused on the best designs and the best manufacturing techniques to provide a product that anyone is proud to own. they price their furniture so that it is affordable for their customers.

They make products for the old, the young, the large, the small, the urban contemporary, and the classical. With the most exciting colors and designs found from all over the world, they love what they do and believe in challenging their selves to keep making the best seat in the house.

There is a wide range of home furnishings for family rooms, T.V. rooms, and formal living rooms at Jackson Furniture.

How to Become Catnapper Furniture Dealers

1. A tax number and license are requirements to be a professional furniture dealer. You need a license and tax number to sell and buy furniture because you will be required by law to charge state and local taxes.

You are able to use your tax number when shopping at Catnapper Furniture to obtain a discount. In most cases, Catnapper Furniture dealers do not have to pay tax on furniture with a tax ID number or receive a discount when buying for resale only.

2. In order to acquire different types of furniture pieces, and various furniture lines.  Visiting a furniture trade show is an excellent idea. A proof will be required at the trade show to prove that you are a licensed dealer, before attending a show, be sure that your license is up-to-date.

When inquiring about selling Catnapper Furniture, dealers need their retail certificate number, contact information, and federal ID number.

3. Make connections with Catnapper Furniture. By joining their membership you gain insider access to fine furniture items.  As well as be privy to information about the best sales and shows.

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